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New Cat® Skid Steer Loaders

Versatility is the defining characteristic of a skid steer loader from Caterpillar®. These compact and maneuverable machines can perform a wide assortment of earthmoving and material handling tasks in confined areas. Despite their small size, skid steers are surprisingly rugged and powerful — they can take on many of your most demanding jobsite challenges.

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Skid Steer Loaders

Model Net Flywheel Power Operating Weight Rated Operating Capacity  
226D Skid Steer Loader 65.8 HP 5705 lb 1550 lb Details »
232D Skid Steer Loader 65.8 HP 6213 lb 1850 lb Details »
236D Skid Steer Loader 73.2 HP 6559 lb 1800 lb Details »
242D Skid Steer Loader 73.2 HP 6980 lb 2150 lb Details »
246D Skid Steer Loader 72.9 HP 7424 lb 2150 lb Details »
262D Skid Steer Loader 72.9 HP 8011 lb 2700 lb Details »
272D2 Skid Steer Loader 95 HP 8768 lb 3400 lb Details »
272D2 XHP Skid Steer Loader 106 HP 9255 lb 3650 lb Details »

If you're looking for the best new skid steer loaders for sale in Sacramento, Stockton or elsewhere in Central or Northern California, look no further than your nearest Holt of California store. As the region's exclusive Cat dealer, we carry the latest line of brand-new skid steers from the worldwide heavy equipment leader.

Choose From Multiple Skid Steer Models

Caterpillar produces skid steer loaders in several sizes and configurations — and you'll find them all at Holt of California. The newest machines offer a host of advanced features that will add value to your projects. They also burn fuel more cleanly and efficiently to help you comply with those increasingly demanding California emissions standards.

Cat Skid Steer Loaders Offer a Host of Benefits for Your Company

Whether you use them for construction, demolition, grading, excavating or landscaping, skid steers will enable your team to work smarter and more productively than ever. They also include a host of safety features that will help protect your workers during a long day on the job. And, as with any product bearing the Caterpillar brand, a new skid steer loader will provide many years of reliable service and lower long-term operating and ownership costs.

Browse Our Selection of New Skid Steer Loaders for Sale in California

If the time has come to buy a skid steer loader, get started right now by reviewing our inventory of products on this page. Feel free to contact us online for a no-obligation quote.