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Aerial Work Platform Rentals

Aerial work platforms allow you to work at heights safely and efficiently. They are ideal for jobs such as window cleaning, construction, building maintenance, servicing overhead power lines and tree trimming. If you need a reliable aerial platform on a temporary basis, an aerial equipment rental from Holt of California, The Cat Rental Store, can provide an excellent solution. We carry an extensive selection of platforms in Sacramento, CA, and throughout our operating territory that you can rent for a day, week, month or longer.

About Our Aerial Lift Rental Lineup

Our inventory includes late-model, well-maintained aerial platform lift rental units, including:

  • Scissor lifts: A scissor lift for rent provides a straight vertical movement and excellent stability. They typically feature a larger platform that can accommodate multiple workers, their tools and equipment.
  • Boom lifts: Boom lift rentals include a hydraulic arm that offers greater flexibility and the ability to work at higher elevations — lift heights can reach 130 feet or more.
    We're proud to offer aerial lifts in a variety of platform sizes, heights, reaches and load ratings from leading manufacturers such as Genie, JLG and Skyjack. You'll get a hard-working, dependable aerial work platform that won't let you down!

What Are the Benefits of an Aerial Lift Equipment Rental?

Whether you choose a Genie aerial lift rental or a unit from another top equipment brand, your business will experience numerous benefits:

  • Compatibility: When you rent an aerial lift, you can match equipment with specific tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Flexibility: Renting makes it easy to expand and contract the size of your fleet as your needs and project volume change.
  • Immediacy: Renting allows you to fill an urgent need, such as when a machine in your fleet breaks down and you need a quick replacement to keep a project on schedule.
  • Certainty: If you're thinking of purchasing an aerial lift, renting it first enables you to take it for a risk-free test drive before making a substantial financial commitment.
  • Affordability: The rental process eliminates the need to pay for equipment-related expenses like maintenance and repairs, enabling your business to save money.

Why Choose Holt of California, The Cat Rental Store, for Your Aerial Equipment Rental Needs?

The expert staff at Holt of California will help you select the best boom or scissor lift rental model for your needs and budget. With our fast, easy quoting process and delivery to your job site, you'll be able to minimize downtime and keep your projects on schedule.

When you partner with us for aerial lift rentals, you'll receive support from an equipment dealer with more than 90 years of experience. You can count on us to provide a reliable, hardworking machine backed by prompt, reliable service throughout the rental term. Our employees offer exceptional product knowledge to ensure you're fully equipped to do your best work.

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Please take a moment to review our current lineup of high-quality boom or scissor lifts for rent in Northern California. Feel free to contact us online for more information on our aerial lift rentals and a no-obligation quote.