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Backhoe Loaders

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR 415F2ST 2015 543 $75,000 View
CATERPILLAR 420F2ST 2016 894 $87,500 View
CATERPILLAR 430EST 2007 6,300 $39,500 View
CATERPILLAR 450F 2015 1,523 $98,500 View


Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR 815FII 2012 4,800 $295,000 View

Lift - Boom

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
GENIE INDUSTRIES BOOM S125 2008 3,322 $75,000 View
JLG INDUSTRIES, INC. BOOM S45 2005 3,356 $40,000 View
GENIE INDUSTRIES BOOM S45 2006 4,043 $31,000 View
GENIE INDUSTRIES BOOM S85 2005 3,808 $68,000 View
GENIE INDUSTRIES BOOM S85 2008 3,402 $70,000 View
GENIE INDUSTRIES BOOM Z60 2009 3,070 $40,000 View
GENIE INDUSTRIES BOOM Z60 2009 3,592 $40,000 View

Motor Graders

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
NORAM 65E 2016 781 $129,000 View

Multi Terrain Loaders

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CASE TR340 MTL 2016 387 $53,000 View

Pneumatic Tired Compactors

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR CW34 2014 601 $119,500 View
CATERPILLAR CW34 2015 545 $129,500 View
CATERPILLAR CW34 2015 446 $132,500 View
CATERPILLAR CW34 2013 1,456 $110,000 View
CATERPILLAR CW34 2013 1,037 $115,000 View
CATERPILLAR PS-150C 2012 772 $57,500 View

Skid Steer Loaders

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR 242D 2017 494 $42,500 View


Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR TL1255C 2013 4,545 $99,000 View
CATERPILLAR TL943 2007 2,279 $65,000 View

Track Excavators

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR 308E2CRSB 2014 853 $82,000 View
CATERPILLAR 311FLRR 2014 966 $135,000 View
CATERPILLAR 312E 2014 1,698 $119,500 View
CATERPILLAR 314ELCR 2013 2,241 $135,000 View
CATERPILLAR 335FLCR 2017 335 $349,500 View
CATERPILLAR 335FLCR 2017 262 $349,500 View
CATERPILLAR 335FLCR 2018 118 $359,500 View
CATERPILLAR 335FLCR 2018 180 $359,500 View
CATERPILLAR 336FL 2016 2,180 $255,000 View
CATERPILLAR 336FL 2016 1,902 $259,000 View
CATERPILLAR 345CL 2006 7,623 $129,000 View
CATERPILLAR 345CL 2006 3,669 $185,000 View
CATERPILLAR 349FL 2015 2,893 $365,000 View
CATERPILLAR 349FL 2015 1,121 $395,000 View
CATERPILLAR 390DL 2014 5,144 $675,000 View

Track Type Tractors

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR D10T 2013 6,133 $949,500 View
CATERPILLAR D6TVP 2012 4,512 $197,500 View
CATERPILLAR D8T 2015 1,123 $635,000 View
CATERPILLAR D9T 2004 2,060 $639,500 View

Vibratory Double Drum Asphalt

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR CB54 2013 1,404 $79,500 View
CATERPILLAR CB54B 2014 899 $85,000 View
CATERPILLAR CB54B 2016 484 $109,500 View

Vibratory Single Drum Smooth

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR CS-533E 2006 4,571 $56,000 View
CATERPILLAR CS34 2015 105 $75,000 View

Wheel Loaders

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR 926M 2016 440 $159,500 View
CATERPILLAR 930K 2013 1,344 $125,000 View
CATERPILLAR 938K 2014 2,495 $165,000 View
CATERPILLAR 938M 2015 337 $209,500 View
CATERPILLAR 938M 2017 541 - View
CATERPILLAR 950M 2015 967 $230,000 View

Wheel Tractor Scrapers

Manufacturer Model Year SMU/Hours Asking Price
CATERPILLAR 615CII 2004 512 $249,500 View
CATERPILLAR 621G 2007 21,000 $219,500 View


Used Construction Equipment 

If you're in the market for productive and reliable used construction equipment in CA and the surrounding areas, shop our selection of Cat and Allied manufactured machines below. Having trouble finding the right solution? Contact us online or by phone for live support from a knowledgeable representative.   

Our Construction Inventory includes Cat Certified Used

Our CAT Certified Used machines have been fully inspected and serviced by our highly trained technicians using genuine CAT parts, bringing these lightly used Cat machines up to excellent conditions. With a Cat Certified Used Machine, you can rest easy knowing to you are getting the performance and reliability you need.

CAT Certified used machines are backed with a strong Caterpillar warranty, providing remarkable value and giving you peace of mind. A used machine marked with certified status has been put through a rigorous inspection process and serviced with only genuine Cat parts. And each machine is covered by Cat’s Equipment Protection Program (EPP) and eligible for flexible financing.

The CAT Certified Standard:

  • Caterpillar Warranty
  • Fully inspected and serviced
  • Conditioned to meet Caterpillar standards
  • Serviced using genuine Cat parts

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Budgets don't always allow for machinery to be bought new and sometimes purchasing new just doesn't make sense. But unexpected demands or loss of machinery put you in the market anyhow. Why not consider a quality used machine for your construction needs? From used backhoes and excavators to used track-type tractors and skid steer loaders, Holt of California offers used construction machinery in Sacramento and Stockton, CA and beyond.

We're the California Used Cat® Construction Equipment Leader

If you're looking for top-quality Cat used construction equipment for sale in CA, Holt of California has you covered. At any given time our Cat used construction equipment inventory can consist of earthmoving equipment, trucks, work tools and attachments and more for a wide variety of applications. And because it's made by Caterpillar®, the worldwide heavy equipment leader, you know your used construction machinery is built to stand the test of time.

When you invest in used Cat construction equipment, you're getting a solution capable of helping your business increase productivity and minimize downtime while avoiding the large expense of purchasing new. Cat Machines are designed with replaceable components to extend their peak service life and commonly feature:

  • Comfortable and productive operator stations
  • Powerful, yet fuel-efficient engines and power trains
  • Easy-to-master controls and exceptional serviceability
  • Productivity and equipment-monitoring technologies
  • Best-in-class visibility and safety features

We Thoroughly Inspect Every Piece of Used Construction Equipment for Sale

Holt of California stands by each piece of used construction equipment we sell. Most of our used inventory comes from our rental fleet and has been checked over to ensure peak performance by our trained technicians. Construction equipment that has come from our rental fleet is often low in usage and hours and is a recent build model.

Whether you need lightly used skid steers for sale in Sacramento or a slightly more experienced hydraulic excavator in Stockton, you'll find options in varying conditions and at various price points to match the right machines to both your applications and budget. Our highly trained team will assist in analyzing your requirements in order to hel pyou find the most efficent and effective fit.

Industry-Best Service to Extend the Lifespan of Your Used Construction Equipment

When you purchase used construction equipment in CA from us, it marks the beginning of a helpful relationship. We'll also be there to keep your machine on the job for many years to come with a full selection of parts and services. Whether it's routine maintenance, major repair work, a certified rebuild, emergency field service or keeping up with the latest emissions requirements, you can always count on Holt of California.

We're capable of serving used Cat construction equipment as well as machines from other top heavy equipment manufacturers. Our highly trained technicians utilize the latest tools and technology to offer economic services that help you get the most out of your fleet. We offer conveniently placed service locations throughout our territory as well as on-site field service technicians available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our construction service department features:

  • State-of-the-art Main Shop and Specialization Shop
  • Over 40 service trucks standing by to support your needs
  • Top-quality welding and fabrication capabilities
  • Available custom support and maintenance agreements
  • VisionLink GPS technology and fleet monitoring
  • Sophisticated SOS fluid analysis and reporting

Give Us a Call or Send Us an Email to Learn More About Our Used Construction Machinery!

We're proud to be the go-to source for used equipment for sale in Sacramento, Stockton and throughout our territory. For information on Holt's inventory of used construction equipment for sale in California and to discuss your application needs and budgetary constraints, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (916) 275-2413. Discover what makes Holt of California the best choice for used construction equipment in Sacramento, Stockton and beyond!