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Ride-On Trenchers

If you undertake demanding digging applications on the job site, you could benefit from a ride-on trencher rental for optimal performance and efficiency. When you rent trenching equipment for your next project, you'll experience significant cost savings for your company.

Holt of California has towable ride-on trenchers for rent that reflect our high quality and reliability standards. When you come to any of our numerous locations in Northern and Central California, we'll set you up with a powerful machine you can rely on.

  • Ditch Witch, RT40 Ride-On Trencher

    Max. Digging Depth:
    63 in
    Max. Digging Width:
    12 in
    42 hp

Ditch Witch Ride-On Trenchers for Rent

Ride-on trenchers are self-propelled machines with a built-in platform where operators can stand. This equipment is suitable for digging, cutting, trenching and laying applications and is used in both commercial and industrial settings. Ride-on trenchers can even cut through tough materials like rock, asphalt and concrete.

When you rent a ride-on trencher from Holt of California, you can perform any of the following applications with ease:

  • Cutting narrow trenches
  • Performing roadwork
  • Laying telephone, cable or electrical lines
  • Maintaining lawns
  • Laying utility pipes
  • Performing construction tasks
  • Completing landscaping jobs

Benefits of Renting Ride-On Trenchers From Holt of California

With one of our Ditch Witch ride-on trencher rentals on the job site, you can enjoy the many advantages of renting from our team:

  • Project-specific function: When you rent from us, you can gear your equipment toward unique projects or applications.
  • Minimal maintenance: We maintain all of our rental machines for our customers, meaning you won't have to spend money servicing them yourself.
  • Zero depreciation impact: Owned equipment loses its value over time, impacting your return on investment. When our rental machines depreciate, it won't affect your company.
  • No storage costs: You won't have to spend money storing our rental equipment between jobs as you do with owned machines.
  • Up-to-date technologies: Renting from Holt of California means you can access rental equipment with the latest technologies without the cost of buying new.

Invest in a Towable Ride-On Trencher Rental at Holt of California Today

You can find ride-on trencher rentals that are as efficient as they are affordable at Holt of California. We're proud to carry only the highest-quality machines from the most trusted manufacturers while delivering unbeatable customer service.

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