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If you need to move materials across the job site quickly and efficiently, blade attachments are an ideal solution. You can find durable and dependable construction blade rentals for your fleet at Holt of California.

Cat® Blade Attachment Rentals

Construction blades are heavy equipment attachments that enable machines to move large mounds of dirt, gravel, sand, trash and mulch. Their slightly curved surfaces make it easier to push or smooth out materials for land clearing, dozing and debris removal applications. You can attach these versatile components to everything from dozers to graders to compact loaders.

You can find two types of Cat® blade rentals in our inventory:

  • Angle blades: Cat angle blade rentals are known for their precise material maneuvering capabilities, making them useful for dozing and material removal.
  • Compact angle blades: Our compact angle blade rentals have a high-capacity design for moving dirt, snow, gravel and livestock waste. They're also used for finish grading in landscaping and construction applications.

Advantages of Construction Blade Rentals

Renting Cat blade attachments rather than buying comes with many significant benefits for your company:

  • Application-specific use: If you need to perform a specialized task but don't have the right machine, Cat blade rentals pose a convenient short-term solution.
  • Cost savings: Instead of buying new heavy equipment for your fleet, you can save hundreds of dollars by renting blade attachments to fulfill your project requirements.
  • Zero repair needs: We perform all attachment repairs and upkeep when you rent from us.
  • Competitive advantage: Cat angle blade rentals and other attachments allow you to maximize your equipment's capabilities, giving you a competitive edge over other businesses.
  • Try before you buy: You can rent equipment attachments to test them out before making a purchase.

Find Cat Dozer Blade Attachment Rentals at Holt of California

You can invest in high-quality Cat grader blade attachment rentals for your fleet at Holt of California. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing our customers with state-of-the-art products while delivering unbeatable support.

Check out our angle blade rentals or contact us to learn more!