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New Asphalt Pavers From Caterpillar®

Powerful, efficient and reliable, our new Caterpillar asphalt pavers help you increase your fleet's productivity and value. Cat® asphalt pavers offer the durability and performance associated with the Caterpillar brand. Learn more about our inventory of screeds, track pavers and wheel pavers.

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Cat asphalt screeds feature hydraulic variable-width adjustment and electrically heated screed plates. They are available in rear-extender and front-extender models.
Model Standard Weight Standard Paving Range Maximum Paving Width  
SE47 FM (4B5) Vibratory Screed 6073 lb 2.4 - 4.7 m (8' - 15' 6") 20.5 ft Details »
SE47 FM (411) Vibratory Screed 6200 lb 2.44 - 4.7 m (8' - 15' 6") 20.5 ft Details »
SE47 V Vibratory Screed 5850 lb 2.44 - 4.7 m (8' - 15' 6") 20 ft Details »
SE50 V Vibratory Screed 7239 lb 2.55 - 5.0 m (8' 4" - 16' 4") 21.3 ft Details »
SE60 FM Vibratory Screed 7800 lb 3.05 - 594 m (10' - 19' 6") 25.5 ft Details »
SE60 V Screed 7826 lb 3.0 - 6.0 m (9' 10" - 19' 6"') 24.5 ft Details »
SE60 VT XW Screed 9898 lb 3.0 m - 6.0 m (10' - 19' 6") 33 ft Details »
SE60 V XW Screed 8973 lb 3.0 to 6.0 m (9' 10"- 19' 6") 33 ft Details »

Track Asphalt Pavers

Track-equipped asphalt pavers offer superior traction for jobs that require wide pulls or large mix-delivery vehicles.
Model DEF Tank Maximum Throughput Capacity Maximum Paving Speed  
AP455 5 gal (US) 853 ton(US)/h 200 ft/min Details »
AP555 5 gal (US) 1100 ton(US)/h 200 ft/min Details »
AP655 Mobil-Trac Paver 5 gal (US) 1433 ton(US)/h 210 ft/min Details »
AP1055 Mobil-Trac Paver 5 gal (US) 1602 ton(US)/h 210 ft/min Details »

Wheel Asphalt Pavers

Wheel-equipped asphalt pavers offer superior jobsite mobility for applications that require a lot of paver movement and relocation.
Model DEF Tank Maximum Throughput Capacity Gross Power  
AP400 5 gal (US) 853 ton(US)/h 120 HP Details »
AP500 5 gal (US) 1100 ton(US)/h 148 HP Details »
AP600 Wheel Paver 5 gal (US) 1433 ton(US)/h 173 HP Details »
AP1000 Wheel Paver 5 gal (US) 1766 ton(US)/h 225 HP Details »

Achieving Your Construction Goals With a Cat Asphalt Paver From Holt of California

Our Cat asphalt pavers and accessories for sale include these products:

  • Screeds: The screed lays down asphalt and presses it down to create pavement. Our selection of screeds for sale can upgrade a Cat asphalt paver you already own or pair with a new purchase.
  • Track asphalt pavers: Asphalt pavers with tracks can pave uneven and difficult-to-navigate surfaces thanks to their even distribution of weight.
  • Wheel asphalt pavers: Wheel asphalt pavers have faster road speeds than track pavers and a more economical price point.

Asphalt pavers from Caterpillar include universal features such as:

  • A ventilation system that directs fumes away from the operator, conveyor tunnel and auger chamber
  • An independent feeder system that promotes even paving
  • Electronic self-diagnostics that improve maintenance on the propel and feeder systems

At Holt of California, we offer a variety of Cat asphalt paver models to meet every customer's needs.

Why Buy a New Cat Asphalt Paver?

When you buy new from Holt of California, you invest in some of the industry's finest equipment. Customers who purchase new Cat asphalt pavers can appreciate benefits like:

  • Warranty and service: As the owner of a new Cat machine, you receive a year-long warranty and ongoing service and support from Holt of California.
  • High resale value: Every new machine from Caterpillar has modular parts and durable engineering that maintain a high resale price.
  • Features and technology: Brand new equipment from Caterpillar includes the brand's latest software and design for peak efficiency.

Buying new machinery from Caterpillar lets you take advantage of the most reliable and advanced equipment on the market.

Find the Right Asphalt Paver for the Job

Take a look at our Cat screeds, track pavers and wheel pavers below to see what they can do for your project. If you need assistance, contact us online anytime for support.