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Equipment attachments help your crew perform any industrial application using your existing machines. Coupler rentals enable you to connect these work tools with optimal efficiency so you can complete projects faster.

At Holt of California, we offer rugged and reliable Cat® coupler rentals for backhoes, excavators and wheel loaders.

Our Cat® Coupler Rentals

Couplers are industrial components that facilitate rapid work tool attachment changes on heavy equipment. We offer a complete selection of coupler rentals you can use to transform your machinery with ease, serving as a convenient and cost-effective solution to all your industrial project needs.

We offer the following couplers for rent:

  • Backhoe couplers: Our coupler pin lock rentals for backhoes enable users to perform quick bucket changes and maximize digging, loading, trenching and material handling capabilities.
  • Excavator couplers: You can connect any attachment to your hydraulic machine with our excavator coupler rentals, including narrow buckets and hammers.
  • Wheel loader couplers: The Cat fusion coupler rental allows you to enhance your wheel loader's application versatility with construction and earthmoving attachments while providing clear sightlines to the work area.

Benefits of Excavator Coupler Rentals

When you rent Cat wheel loader couplers instead of buying, you can expect the following advantages for your business:

  • Zero maintenance needs: You'll never have to perform equipment repairs or maintenance when renting.
  • Cost savings: Backhoe coupler rentals allow you to complete project-specific tasks using versatile work tools instead of purchasing a whole new machine.
  • Competitive edge: Renting couplers and attachments enables you to optimize your equipment for practically any application, giving you an advantage against competitors.
  • Increased uptime: If you need to change out attachments quickly, coupler rentals give you the flexibility to do so.

Rent Dependable Wheel Loader Couplers at Holt of California

You can equip your machines with diverse attachments with loader coupler rentals from Holt of California. We stand behind our products 100%, offering the highest-quality solutions on the market while delivering unbeatable customer service.

Check out our rental coupler inventory or contact us for more information!