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Industrial Loader Rentals

Industrial loaders — sometimes called skip loaders — look like backhoes with a box blade on the back. This attachment is perfect for applications like grading, snow removal, road construction and finish work on pads. If you need one of these machines for a single job, our industrial loaders for rent are a convenient and cost-effective solution.

  • Cat 414E Industrial Loader

    Net Power - SAE J1349:
    89.0 hp
    Lift Capacity @ Full Height:
    5453 lb
    Dump Height @ Max Angle:
    8.7 ft
    Engine Model:
    Cat 3054C DIT
  • John Deere 210K LE Industrial Loader

    Net Power - SAE J1349:
    73 hp
    Lift Capacity @ Full Height:
    5280 lb
    Dump Height @ Max Angle:
    8.83 ft
    Engine Model:
  • Case 570N XT Industrial Loader

    Net Power - SAE J1349:
    78 hp
    Lift Capacity @ Full Height:
    6503 lb
    Dump Height @ Max Angle:
    11.25 ft
    Engine Model:
    Case 434T/E

Industrial Loader Rentals From Top Manufacturers

Our inventory includes Cat® industrial loader rentals and options from other leading brands like CASE and John Deere. These machines have unique features and benefits that make all of them valuable temporary additions to a fleet. The experts on our team will help you decide which loader meets your requirements to ensure you get the most done in the least amount of time for the best value.

These machines are ready to deliver top performance at your job site. Our in-house technicians take care of details like scheduled maintenance. We keep accurate records, saving you the time and effort of doing it yourself. If you require any assistance during your rental period, we have it covered with 24-hour mobile support dispatched directly to your location.

The Advantages of Using Our Industrial Loader Rentals

Whether you need your industrial loader for a day, week, month or even longer, renting offers advantages like:

  • More freedom: Renting is more affordable than purchasing, so you'll have more room in your budget.
  • More capabilities: A rental lets you tackle projects outside what you can do with your regular fleet.
  • More productivity: Rentals are a fast way to replace an unavailable industrial loader and maintain productivity.

Rent an Industrial Loader Today

Let us help you gain more productivity, efficiency and profitability on your next project. Call 800-452-5888 for questions, quotes and more information. You can also visit your local Holt of California or message us using our online form.