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Over time, the undercarriage on your machine takes a beating. Packing, abrasive soils, and high impact can make even the most durable products wear down. Holt of California can help you when undercarriage maintenance or repairs are needed.

Our track shop & undercarriage technicians are capable of working on all sizes and brands of undercarriage. From turning your pins & bushings, to rebuilding idlers, to re-shelling bottom rollers, to re-grousering track shoes, to straightening or -realigning your track roller frame, we've got you covered.

Holt of California can help you get the maximum value from your machine's undercarriage and help to extend its lifespan.

Undercarriage Service in sacramento

Holt of California offers a variety of undercarriage and track repair services, including:

  • ARM (Abrasion Resistant Material) Application
  • Bushing & Pin Turn or Replacement
  • Complete Undercarriage Repair & Rebuilding
  • Excavator Grease Turns & PPR2
  • Idler Welding/Resealing
  • Link Assembly Repairs
  • Roller Reshelling
  • Roller Swapping
  • Shoe Swapping and Regrousering
  • Straightening, Realigning and Rebuilding of Track Roller Frames
  • Custom Wear Parts
  • Special Undercarriage Components for Specific Applications

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (916) 240-2153

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Finishedweldedidler  Weldedidlershellsground
Finished Welded Idler  Welded Idler Shells ground to Specs 
Idlerpreheating Submergedarcidlerwelding
Idler Preheating Submerged Arc Idler Welding
Weldedidlerscooldown D8R idler welding
Welded Idlers in cool down containers  D8R Idler Welding
 NewCatrollershells  NewCatshellsseals
New Cat Roller Shells New Cat Shells & Seals
 wornCat rollers  Catreshelledrollers
Worn Cat Rollers Cat Reshelled Rollers
Used Components
 Trackrepair sections  Usedidlers
Track Repair Sections Used Idlers
 Usedrollers  Usedtrackshoes
Used Rollers Used Track Shoes
 meshtungsten  ARMinstalled edge
10-30 Mesh Tungsten Carbide for Maximum Resistance ARM installed on edge
Installing ARM on cutting edge