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With a bucket rental, you can transform your equipment into a versatile machine able to move workers and materials efficiently and safely in various environments. Partner with Holt of California to get your required product rentals so you can take on your next project with confidence. Whatever your requirements, our offerings can help you maximize your productivity and get the job done conveniently and safely.

Bucket Attachment Rentals From Us

Get the right options for your rental needs from the Holt of California inventory:

  • Excavator bucket rentals: For everything from trenching and back-filling to ditch-cleaning, our excavator bucket rental options can deliver the capabilities you need.
  • Telehandler bucket rental: When your project requires working at heights, a telehandler bucket rental can lift workers safely to handle aerial applications.
  • Front backhoe bucket rental: If you're tackling a digging project with a backhoe, depend on a front backhoe bucket rental to take on the job.
  • Rear backhoe bucket rental: For rear backhoe bucket requirements, we have the equipment you need.
  • Skid steer bucket rental: The right skid steer bucket rental can help you handle work in tight spaces with convenient maneuverability.
  • Loader bucket rental: Manage demanding loader applications with the right bucket attachment.

Why Rent Equipment?

If you need equipment to fill a short-term need, renting could be ideal for you. Renting through Holt of California provides diverse capabilities for your operations:

  • Convenient acquisition: If you need equipment right away to tackle a temporary task, a rental is quick and easy.
  • Accommodating rental terms: We offer monthly, weekly and daily rental options to best work with your project timeline.
  • Minimal downtime: When you get well-conditioned equipment and our rental support, you can keep the job going smoothly without stopping for repairs or service.

Reach Out About Our Bucket Rentals

Partner with Holt of California and get the equipment rentals for your job. Check out our available rental equipment through The Cat® Rental Store or contact us today.