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Atlas Copco is a leading manufacturer of portable compressed air machines. These air compressors can be used in a wide variety of industries with Atlas Copco having developed a set of machines that can successfully walk the line between size, output and capacity. These superior products were developed through constant research and technology, resulting in a combination of performance, reliability, economy and convenience.

Click on the links below to access full brochures and specs for each air compressor Holt of California offers through the Power Systems Rental Department.

XATS 650 & 750 CD iT4 - 150-200 psi; 650-750 CFM

XRVS 700 & 1000 - 365 psi; 695-975 CFM

XRVS 1000+ CD iT4 - 365-510 psi; 875-1000 CFM

XRVS 1000 & 1550+ CD 305-508 psi; 825-1550 CFM

XAS 1150 CD8 100-200 psi; 950-1150 CFM 

XAS 1800 CD iT4 - 100-150 psi; 1620-1775 CFM

XAS 1800 CD8 T4F -  150-200 psi; 1400-1800 CFM

Why Choose an Atlas Copco Air Compressor Rental?

Atlas Copco is a Swedish manufacturer of air compressors and other high-quality machinery that has been providing innovative equipment solutions since 1873. Whether you choose an Atlas Copco oil-free air compressor rental or any other products from the extensive Holt of California Power Systems inventory, you will get a superior unit you can trust in your most demanding compressed air applications, along with comprehensive support and all the accessories you require. 

Our Atlas Copco rentals come in multiple capacities to meet the needs of any operating environment. Whether your project is straightforward or more complex, you can find the right product for the job. Our knowledgeable equipment rental specialist can help you explore all the options and make the best choice for your business. 

Experience the Advantages of Partnering With Holt of California

The Holt of California Power Systems Rental Department provides exceptional service every step of the way. Besides helping you choose the best Atlas Copco air compressor rental for your needs and budget, we'll offer flexible terms that fit the way you do business. With our streamlined process, we can have your compressor on its way and performing at your job site in no time.

If you ever need assistance, we'll also be there to provide 24/7 support for your rental unit, whether you have questions about how to operate it or need on-site maintenance and repairs to minimize unproductive downtime. That's what you'd expect from an equipment dealer that's been serving the region with distinction since 1904. 

Learn More About Atlas Copco Air Compressor Rentals

Let the experts at the Holt of California Power Systems Rental Department solve your compressed air needs with a high-quality Atlas Copco rental. Contact us today to get additional product information or request a fast quote.