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New Cat® Articulated Trucks

Our Cat articulated trucks for sale feature the reliability and performance associated with the Caterpillar® name for more than a century. Count on Caterpillar articulated dump trucks from Holt of California to carry heavy loads across various types of terrain. Discover how these machines can improve your efficiency and profits.

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Articulated Truck Bare Chassis

Model Standard Wheel Base Long Wheel Base Rated Payload  
725C2 Bare Chassis Articulated Truck 156.7 in 215.2 in 26 ton (US) Details »
730C2 Bare Chassis Articulated Truck 156.7 in 215.2 in 31 ton (US) Details »

Three Axle Articulated Trucks

Model Rated Payload Emissions Heaped (SAE 2:1)  
725C2 Articulated Truck 26.5 ton (US) The reference to Tier 4 Final/Stage IV includes U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage IV, Japan 2014 (Tier 4 Final), as well as Korea Tier 4 Final emission standards. 19.6 yd³ Details »
730 Articulated Truck 31 ton (US) The 730 meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards. 23 yd³ Details »
730 EJ Articulated Truck 30 ton (US) The 730 EJ meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards. 22.1 yd³ Details »
735 Articulated Truck 35.3 ton (US) The 735 meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards. 26.2 yd³ Details »
740 EJ Articulated Truck 42 ton (US) The 740 EJ meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards. 30.1 yd³ Details »
740 GC Articulated Truck 40 ton (US) The C15 engine meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards. 29.7 yd³ Details »
745 Articulated Truck 45.2 ton (US) The 745 meets Tier 4 Final and Stage V emission standards. 32.7 yd³ Details »

Buying a New Articulated Truck From Holt of California

When you buy one of our articulated trucks for sale, you receive the benefits provided to all new Cat machine owners. Purchasing a Cat articulated truck lets you enjoy:

  • Advanced chassis options: Our inventory of new articulated dump trucks includes models with and without chassis. Count on the design of a Cat chassis or design a custom truck using a bare chassis product.
  • Service and warranty: Caterpillar offers the industry's leading warranty and customer service features. New owners receive a one-year warranty and ongoing assistance from Holt of California.
  • Forward-thinking design: Cat machines have modern engineering that lasts. As a result, you get the industry's latest features and long-lasting resale value.

These advantages and more help professionals in heavy industries get the most out of their Cat equipment.

How to Meet Your Project Goals With a Cat Articulated Truck

Articulated trucks, also known as articulated dump trucks, transport materials across a job site. Their rugged designs make them ideal for job sites with rough terrain in industries such as mining, construction and oil. A Caterpillar articulated dump truck has features such as:

  • Cutting-edge suspension systems that allow you to travel at faster speeds safely
  • Comfortable cabs with ergonomic controls and plenty of space
  • ACERT® engines with high levels of fuel efficiency and power

Rely on Cat articulated trucks to provide you with efficient job performance in a variety of environments. They have the power and precision to complete rugged jobs in a shorter time than the competition.

Get the Equipment You Need to Get the Job Done

View our inventory of Caterpillar articulated dump trucks for sale to see how they can enhance your productivity. Contact us at any time for help with our products and services.