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H.A.R.D parts are tough application parts that are plated to help extend the life of your Combine high wear item and stands for Holt Abrasion Resistance Development.

Take a look below at some of the parts we've HARD plated, which includes associated parts numbers, and then contact our HARD Parts sales representative, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (530) 682-6192, to learn more and get pricing quotes.

If you don't see it here, it doesn't mean we can't do it. Let us know what you need, and we'll see if it can be HARD plated.

Part Name & Description Holt Part Number Product Images
APS Caps 6631570H
For Rotor Runes, Impeller Combs, Chevrons & APS Caps
Chopper Knives
For use on Rear Rice Choppers
Impeller Chevron Kits
Fit 585Rs 475Rs, 595Rs & 485s. Each kit has 12 left side and 12 right side Chevrons
Impeller Comb Kits
For use on 595Rs & 485s, measure 25.25” at the widest point. Kits for 585Rs & 475Rs measure 19.75” at the widest points. Kits have 6 left and 6 right combs.
595R/485: 777628011H
585R/475R: 7776270H

Rotor Grate
For Use with a 585R This grate has small solid and wire.
New Plated: 7933602H
Used Plated: 7933602UH

Rotor Grate
For Use with a 95R. This grate is full wire with no solids.
New Plated: 7921552H
Used Plated: 7921552UH

Rotor Tines
Left & Right Side rotor tines for use on all 500 series combines Use with bolt #2164010H

Spike Teeth
For Use on Lexion Harvesters with a spike tooth drum
Spike Tooth Drums
For use with a 595R & 485 (66” wide) or a 585R & 475R (55” wide)
585R New Plated: 7777530H
585R Used Plated: 7777530UH
485 New Plated: 7343211H
485 Used Plated: 7343211UH
585R/475R New Plated: 7525001H
585R/475R Used Plated: