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upsrentalFrom voltage sags and spikes to complete loss of power, disturbances are expensive for your business. You pay the price in lost material, lost productivity, lost data and lost profits. For reliable, uninterrupted power to protect your critical processes, there is the CAT Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). CAT UPS provides reliable protection against the full range of power events likely to affect critical facilities.

Holt of California offers UPS units for rent for the times you need reliable power for a temporary location or small amount of time.

The CAT UPS with Kinetic Power Cell Technology uses a high energy-density integrated flywheel to store and deliver power to a critical load during a disturbance. In addition to the obvious environmental advantage over the traditional battery-based UPS systems, there are a significant number of additional features and benefits provided by the CAT UPS Kinetic Power Cell Solution.


• Seamless Transition between Utility and Standby Power
• Battery-Free
• Up to 97% Efficiency
• Flywheel - 75% Smaller Footprint than Battery Option
• Environmentally Safe "Green Energy"
• Conditions Power & Regulates Voltage

A UPS Rental Can Benefit Your Business in Many Ways

If you own or operate a retail store, government office, call center or manufacturing plant, a rental UPS system from Holt of California gives you a cost-effective alternative to buying equipment. You'll get a reliable, late-model machine you can depend on to keep the electricity flowing during a power outage at an affordable rate, as well as flexible terms. You can rent for a day, a week, a month or longer.

An uninterruptible power supply rental from Holt of California also helps you avoid many of the costs that come with equipment ownership. We'll take care of preventive maintenance and repairs, and you won't incur any additional storage expenses. Our team will make renting a fast, hassle-free process so you can have your UPS system rental at your facility and up and running in no time.

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