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Power Systems Service 

One of Holt of California's most outstanding Power Systems features is its field service capabilities, which has earned a legendary reputation over the years. Our expertise, along with service vehicles equipped with laborsaving equipment and computerized diagnostic tooling, sets the industry standard when it comes to quick turn-around time and quality repairs. We also have several shop locations, if you'd prefer to bring your equipment in.

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Why Choose Holt of California's Power Systems Service Department?

  • We're Ready 24/7 365 Days a Year with 24-hour Live After Hours Support - No Voicemail. Just Call 916-373-4155
  • Estimated Response Time to Emergency Service Calls is 2 Hours
  • Strategically Located Near You
  • Largest Mobile Service Fleet in Central Valley
  • Factory Trained and Certified Technicians
  • Planned Maintenance Service Agreement Offerings
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Testing and Servicing
  • Megohmmeter Testing
  • Load Bank Testing - Resistive and Reactive from 120 vac to 12kVA
  • Arc Flash Coordination Studies
  • Thermography
  • UPS Service

Holt of California has the largest mobile rental fleet of generators in Northern California, with approximately 44 Megawatts. You can be assured that we can back up your standby generator during an emergency or during planned services if required. We also have temporary cable and transformers to accommodate all voltages up to 13Kv.

Generator Power Services We Offer

Our support doesn’t end when you purchase a generator. Holt of California offers power generation services to keep you ahead of the game.

  1. ATS maintenanceis an automatic transfer switch. The system reduces downtime and lowers emergency repair costs our experts customize to you. We can help you identify problems before they occur. An ATS will allow you to avoid failure on the jobsite and feel secure knowing that your system will work during the next power outage.
  2. Our generator service addresses critical emergency situations and maintenance needs. We implement our expertise, field service abilities, equipment and diagnostic tooling for fast turnarounds. In most cases, we begin generator services within two hours of a call and also offer Planned Maintenance Service Agreements and Extended Service Coverage.
  3. Load bank testingensures your business complies with various regulations. Holt of California provides reactive and resistive load bank testing. Resistive covers components such as testing the engine at 100 percent load and checking the cooling system, while reactive tests unlimited and KVA capacity.
  4. Megohmmeter testingis part of our generator repairs that test for insulation problems. It helps to reduce the risk of failure, downtime and repair costs. Our technicians apply Megohmmeter testing to most circuit and electrical devices by performing a Time-Resistance Method test.
  5. Technical supportis part of our generator repair services too. You can speak with a representative about any issue by describing your problem, and our professionals will assist you in determining the right solution.

Rely on Us for Emergency Generator Service

Learn more about our power generator services and contact us online to request additional information. Or, you can call 916-373-4155 to speak with a Holt of California rep. Our employees uphold exceptional knowledge of our Power Systems and back up all our products and emergency generator repair solutions.

Call Us at 916-373-4155