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Used Asphalt Pavers for Sale

Buying an asphalt paver can be an excellent investment for your business. When you purchase a used one, you decrease your costs upfront and reserve precious business credit for other profit-making equipment. Additionally, properly maintained equipment can provide years of service to maximize your profits.

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Track Pavers

Track pavers propel themselves on a set of tracks while laying asphalt. Because of the traction achieved with this design, these pavers are ideal for steep grades. Their wide width also makes them suitable for offset paving. Track pavers generally have a smaller turning radius than wheeled pavers, making them a popular choice for jobs with space limitations.

Wheeled Pavers

Wheeled pavers are better equipped for jobs where traction isn't a priority, such as moving over a milled surface. They reach higher speeds, so it's easier to move them from point to point and to cover more surface in less time. With fewer moving components, wheeled pavers experience less wear and tear than their tracked counterparts.

Planers/Millers and Screeds

Asphalt millers — also known as cold planers — strip away the existing top layer of a paved surface to prepare it for resurfacing. Millers use cutting blades attached to a rotating drum to remove the surface to a specific depth and/or slope. While the milled pavement is suitable to drive on, the primary purpose of milling is to collect and recycle the old pavement for use in new roads.

Screeds attach directly to the paving tractor and come in two styles — vibration or tamper bar. Both screeds provide the initial compacting of asphalt and prepare it for the final rolling. Screeds are essential to successful paving since they directly impact the pavement's final texture and density.

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Holt of California has a wide variety of used asphalt pavers for sale in California, including models from Caterpillar and Weiler. For superior customer service, reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members today.