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Used Compact Track Loaders

There's probably not a more versatile piece of machinery for your construction business than a compact track loader (CTL). Whether you're excavating or leveling, this mighty piece of machinery makes the job easier. Choosing a used CTL over new machinery may be a wise investment, allowing you to preserve capital and credit for other business use.

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Benefits of a Compact Track Loader

The primary benefit of a compact track loader, especially one from Caterpillar, is its flexibility for various applications. A wide range of available attachments means you can adapt this one piece of equipment for multiple functions to save money and boost productivity.

Because CTLs run on tracks rather than tires, they provide increased traction. These loaders perform better in snowy, sandy or muddy conditions and terrain with loose ground or rocks. Rest assured that a Cat® compact track loader is always ready to perform in just about any environment.

In addition, CTLs cause less stress to the ground on which they operate, even after a rainstorm. Lower ground pressure results in easier site cleanup too.

Another benefit of the CTL is the level of driver comfort it offers. These loaders deliver a smooth ride and their cabs reduce noise levels to prevent damage to operator hearing — some even have temperature control features.

The CTL's smaller size is an advantage as well. This compact machine can navigate through fence openings or smaller pathways with ease. Its ability to turn in a small radius also makes it ideal for working on tighter job sites.

Used Compact Track Loaders for Sale in California

Trust Holt of California with your business's heavy equipment needs. Our staff has provided world-class service and unmatched product knowledge for 90 years, and we're proud to partner with industry leaders like Caterpillar to bring you the best in power and durability. Browse the selection of used compact track loaders for sale at our California locations or reach out to one of our friendly team members today for more details.