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In addition to the ThinkBIG coursework, in order to complete your Associates Degree and graduate, you will need to complete a minimum of 24 General Education units that satisfy each area of the general education program.

Below we have listed the six areas of focus for the general education program and the courses we recommend you take to satisfy these requirements. The course catalog lists many other course options for each area as well.

If you have already taken some college level coursework and think those units may transfer, please consult with a SJDC counselor directly..

Area 1 – Language & Rationality
1A: English Communication - ENG 001A
1B: Mathematics - MATH 92G
1C: Oral Communication - COM ST 001A
Area 2 – Natural Sciences
NR 002
Area 3 – Humanities
ENG 030
Area 4 – American Institutions
Area 5 – Social and Behavioral Science
CDV 026
Area 6 – Awareness of Self & Society
BUS 020

For more information about San Joaquin Delta College’s Associate Degree’s General Education requirements please review SJDC’s Course Catalog.