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New Cat® Compactors for Sale

Our new Cat compactors can accomplish a variety of jobs due to the reliability associated with the Caterpillar® brand. Cat compactors have almost a century of dependable engineering built into their design. The Caterpillar brand's legacy of quality will ensure that your new equipment has efficiency that lasts. Browse our selection to see the difference for yourself.

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Landfill Compactors

Model Net Power Gross Power Operating Weight  
816K Landfill Compactor 248 HP 284 HP 56899 lb Details »
826K Landfill Compactor 405 HP 435 HP 90207 lb Details »
836K Landfill Compactor 496 HP 562 HP 123319 lb Details »

Pneumatic Rollers

Model Operating Weight - Standard Machine Empty Operating Weight - Maximum Ballast Compaction Width  
CW16 Pneumatic Roller - 11464 lb 68 in Details »
CW16 Pneumatic Roller - - - Details »
CW34 Pneumatic Roller 22050 lb 59525 lb 82 in Details »

Soil Compactors

Model Engine Model Net Power Bore  
815 Soil Compactor - - - Details »
825K Soil Compactor C15 Cat® 405 HP 5.4 in Details »

Tandem Vibratory Rollers

Model Operating Weight Standard Compaction Width Gross Power  
CB1.7 3538 lb 35 in 24.7 HP Details »
CB1.8 3825 lb 39 in 24.7 HP Details »
CB2.5 Utility Compactor - - 48.2 HP Details »
CB7 Tandem Roller - 59 in 100 HP Details »
CB8 Tandem Vibratory Roller 18783 lb 67 in 100 HP Details »
CB10 Tandem Vibratory Roller - 67 in 120 HP Details »
CB13 Tandem Vibratory Roller - 79 in 142 HP Details »
CB15 Tandem Vibratory Roller - 84 in 142 HP Details »
CB16 Tandem Vibratory Roller - 84 in 142 HP Details »
CB22B Utility Compactor 5629 lb 39 in 36.2 HP Details »
CB24B 6003 lb 47 in 36.2 HP Details »
CB24B XT Utility Compactor 6885 lb 47 in 36.2 HP Details »
CB32B Utility Compactor 6190 lb 51 in 36.2 HP Details »
CB34B Utility Compactor 8157 lb 51 in 48.8 HP Details »
CB36B Utility Compactor 8385 lb 55 in 48.8 HP Details »
CC24B Utility Compactor 5380 lb 47 in 36.2 HP Details »
CC34B Utility Compactor 7446 lb 51 in 48.8 HP Details »
CCS7 Smooth Drum Vibratory Combination Compactor - 67 in 100.6 HP Details »
CCS9 Smooth Drum Combination Vibratory Compactor - 84 in 131 HP Details »
CD8 - Solid Drum 16314 lb 59 in 100 HP Details »
CD8 - Split Drum 18497 lb 59 in 100 HP Details »
CD10 Solid Drum Vibratory Roller 19908 lb 67 in 101.9 HP Details »
CB10 Split Drum Vibratory Roller 22311 lb 67 in 101.9 HP Details »

How Can Cat Compactors Meet Your Construction Needs?

At Holt of California, we offer a wide range of Caterpillar compactor models to get every job done. Our compactors for sale include:

  • Landfill compactors: A landfill compactor from Caterpillar compresses debris and trash for better waste management.
  • Pneumatic rollers: Whether you need to make material denser or press a chip seal road, a Cat pneumatic roller gets the job done.
  • Soil compactors: Our new Cat soil compactors for sale use advanced design to press down soil.
  • Tandem vibratory rollers: Combine different frequencies, amplitudes and drum widths to get the most out of your Cat tandem vibratory roller.
  • Vibratory soil compactors: Cat vibratory soil compactors use a pad foot design for efficient material compression.

Rely on Cat compactors to pack down materials reliably and efficiently to save you time and raise your profits.

The Benefits of Buying New Compactors From Holt of California

When you buy brand new Cat equipment, you get the best service and product quality the industry has to offer. Enjoy these advantages of buying a new Cat compactor:

  • Resale value: Equipment from Caterpillar has modular parts and a durable design that keep their resale value high.
  • Latest engineering: Use cutting-edge developments from Caterpillar to push your efficiency beyond your current limits.
  • Superior selection: Choose from a wide range of models built for a variety of heavy-duty jobs.

New compactors from Caterpillar have unmatched durability, speed, efficiency and compaction performance for whatever job you need to complete.

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