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Emergency and standby generators are a sizable investment. Should a generator fail to perform during a power outage, you can be faced with financial losses and possibly, dangerous conditions. The best way to insure that your generator will perform when needed is implementing a maintenance program.

Load bank testing is a critical component to a comprehensive maintenance program. Holt of California offers customized load bank testing to ensure our customers comply with NFPA 99, NFPA 110, OSHPOD and Joint Commissions regulations. We offer both resistive and reactive load bank testing.

Resistive Load Bank Testing

  • Tests the engine at 100% load
  • Tests the cooling system operation at the generator set's full operating capacity
  • Tests the fuel system operation at engine full operating capacity
  • Eliminates exhaust wet stacking by burning off built-up fuel and oil carbon deposits and reseating the rings
  • Evaporates moisture from the engine oil which reduces harmful acid formation and also coats the internal engine components with oil to further prevent internal corrosion
  • Testing Capacity up to 10 megawatts @ 120 VAC thru 13.8 KV

Reactive Load Bank Testing

  • Tests the generator at its full KVA/power factor capacity
  • Tests simulate the actual power factor load found in most facilities
  • Tests the generator voltage regulator at the full range of response and operating capabilities
  • Tests are used to simulate and verify load sharing and voltage regulation on multiple unit paralleled systems
  • Testing capacity unlimited
  • Tests the distribution system from the point of tie-in to the generator output leads

Services are performed and documented by our factory-trained technicians. We call you to schedule an appointment when you're due for service.