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Corporate Sustainability Initiatives

Holt of California is a Caterpillar Dealer that provides sales, rental, parts and service to the Construction, Agriculture, Warehousing, Power Generation, and Trucking industries. We approach business as a partnership with our customers, bringing top quality equipment solutions and the best product support to meet their needs.

Holt takes the same approach to our waste reduction and recycling program, a partnership with employees and suppliers to embed in business practices. For over 50 years, we have been working with our manufacturers to return machine components for reuse and remanufacture. From recycling office paper products to remanufactured components, we take pride in reducing our waste and being energy efficient in our daily work. Over 450,000 pounds of waste was prevented or diverted in 2009 alone.

Here are a few of the many projects we are working on. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Desktop Computer Nighttime Hibernation Program - We use many computers to keep our business on task, and while these computers need to be on as well as at the ready during the day, we have been challenged getting them all shut down after hours (especially weekends). Through some programming, all desktop computers are now set to switch to a low power mode after hours, saving power.

Automated Fuel Billing for Internal Fuel Purchases - We have a large fleet of vehicles that help us service machines, move people from our locations to customer sites, and delivery equipment. We have several in-house fuel dispensaries. While we used to create a paper bill to send to the operating department, we have worked to take out that manual process and automated it, utilizing electronic data transfers. Now we are not only saving on paper and ink to print out these invoices, we are saving our employees time by eliminating the need to write these invoices.

Paperless Billing at Customer Request - Are you interested in Going Paperless? We have a system in place that allows you to view your invoices, statements and shipping lists online. We turn off paper invoicing to you, saving paper, envelopes, and ink.

Paperless Report Delivery - In the past, Holt had several automated reports that were printed at multiple printers at scheduled intervals. After some research, we discovered that many of these reports were not read, or were read then promptly thrown out. Utilizing some software, we now deliver reports via an online system, saving the company money in both effort and waste, as well as paper and ink costs.

Shop & Warehouse Light Audit - Lights can not only burn too much electricity, but can also have an effect on job performance and safety. To combat these issues, we've audited our lights in our Williams, Yuba City, Pleasant Grove, and Stockton facilities. In total, we replaced approximately 500 light fixtures which reduced overall demand by approximately 250,000 kWh per year combined in those four facilities alone.

Boiler & Chiller Replacement - In one of our largest facilities, Pleasant Grove, we removed the antiquated and inefficient Boiler & Chiller used to heat and cool the facility. These systems were replaced with a new air handling system that works in zones rather than a facility-wide effect. The new air handling system takes in the cool night air, releasing it into the building as the heat comes across throughout the day. The system is much more efficient and environmentally friendly, using less energy to provide a more comfortable working environment.

Cardboard - It seems like everything is shipped either in a cardboard box, attached to a piece of cardboard, or even in a box inside a box. At Holt, we understand the importance of making sure parts and components arrive undamaged as well keeping waste under control. That's why we have a reuse and recycle box program. When parts arrive in our warehouse the boxes are set aside for reuse, and we use those boxes to send items to our customers. Why buy new boxes when we receive so many as it is! When the cardboard is worn out or damaged, we send it to a bin to be picked up by a recycler.

Tires/Rubber Recycling: Anything with rubber attached to it or made of rubber is recycled through two of our facilities, Stockton and Pleasant Grove. Our other facilities send rubber for recycling to one of these locations. This can include anything from a car or forklift tire to a Challenger idler wheel and Challenger belt (rubber track). The Pleasant Grove facility alone has recycled up to 10 tons annually through the California Integrated Waste Management Board Waste Tire Manifest System.

Emissions - Holt of California is your Emissions expert. Our Emissions Solution Department can bring your machine or fleet in compliance with the most current regulations set by CARB. Our expert staff is equipped and ready to assist you in determining the proper next steps for emissions compliance.

Reman Parts Program - Remanufacturing is the process of returning a product at the end of its life to the same as "new" condition in a manufacturing environment. It operates as a one-for-one exchange, in which end-of-life products are returned for a remanufactured product - reducing waste and minimizing the need for raw materials to produce a brand-new item. With a sustainable business model and a high-quality, lower cost product support option, Cat Reman is good for business, good for customers and good for the environment. Contact our Parts Department for more information about Reman Parts options.