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Used Excavators for Sale

Holt of California knows that buying new is not always an option when it comes to your business’s budget. Between tight deadlines, unexpected demands or an increase in business, it is necessary to find quality used equipment that meet your rigorous performance requirements and budget. That’s why we work to offer you a variety of used excavators for your business needs.

Browse our selection of used track excavators in California below and click on the links to learn more about the machines you’re interested in. We continually add new units to our fleet, so check back often or give us a call for assistance finding the particular model you require.

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CATERPILLAR 300.9D 2016 273 $22,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 311F 2014 2,665 $125,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 311F RR 2014 1,191 $125,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 311F RR 2014 2,370 $87,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 312E 2014 2,307 $119,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 312E 2014 2,056 $103,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 313FGC 2016 1,532 $87,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 313FGC 2016 1,009 $97,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 314E LCR 2016 2,086 $155,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 314ELCR 2015 1,700 $132,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 315FLCR 2017 1,229 $189,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 321D LCR 2013 3,307 $159,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 323F 2016 1,764 $165,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 325F 2016 2,353 $155,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 325F 2017 1,182 $235,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 325FCR 2018 312 $239,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 325FCR 2018 352 $239,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 325FCR 2017 2,084 $189,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 328D LCR 2014 4,470 $145,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 335F CR 2015 1,974 $265,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 335F CR 2017 862 $285,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 335F CR 2017 837 $289,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 335F CR 2018 792 $285,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 335F CR 2018 681 $295,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 336F 2018 856 $340,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 345CL 2006 7,623 $129,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 349F 2015 3,741 $259,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 349F 2016 2,817 $299,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 349F 2017 1,500 $465,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 349F 2018 493 $499,500 Details »
CATERPILLAR 390DL 2012 11,773 $409,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 390FL 2014 10,814 $456,000 Details »
CATERPILLAR 390FL 2015 12,292 $465,000 Details »

Impressive Variety of Used Track Excavators in California

We partner with a broad range of industries to provide the pre-owned construction equipment you require at a competitive price. We carry mini, small, medium and large excavators that can be configured to meet your specifications.

As the authorized Cat® dealer for the region, we feature one of the largest selections of used excavators manufactured by the worldwide construction equipment leader.

Many of our used excavators for sale are late-model, low-hour machines in exceptional condition. We also strive to offer a variety of machines at differing price ranges, including slightly older, well-maintained solutions that still have what it takes to get the job done right. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will work with you to find the used model that make the most sense for your operation and bottom line.

An Extensive Fleet of Certified Used Excavators for Sale

Many times these used excavators have been used for rental purposes only and have been certified prior to being put up for sale as used. And, when coming out of our rental fleet, are dealership maintained. Our highly trained technicians make sure each used excavator is maintained and capable of performing and producing at peak levels. We’ll also be there to provide industry-best service to help keep your machine on the job long after your purchase, regardless of the make or model.

Buying used track excavators that are Cat Certified Used means you’re getting a machine capable of delivering top performance and unmatched versatility. You benefit from best-in-class fuel efficiency and quick and easy serviceability to reduce operating costs and eliminate downtime. Whether you’re working in construction, landscaping, agriculture, forestry or countless other industries that use excavators for moving earth and material handling, a Cat track excavator is capable of performing in the most challenging terrains.

Additional benefits of buying Cat used track excavators include:

  • Industry-best reach, capacity and breakout forces for increased productivity
  • Environmentally-friendly operation without sacrificing power or precision
  • Models capable of meeting U.S. Tier 4 emissions standards
  • Reinforced lower and upper frames built to withstand demanding applications
  • Customizable joystick controls and LCD monitors for improved operational performance

Our Knowledgeable and Friendly Staff Is Always Willing to Help

When it comes to used excavators for sale, California construction professionals can count on us to provide them with all the information needed to make a smart purchasing decision. We can even assist you in understanding the state’s often confusing emissions standards and ensuring your machine meets these stringent requirements in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Full-Service Source For Buying Used Track Excavators

For generations, Holt of California has been providing cost-effective heavy equipment solutions to industries throughout the region. We make it easy to find the used track excavators you’re searching for with convenient locations serving our sixteen county territory.

From service contracts and preventive maintenance plans to extended equipment protection and excellent technical support, we go the extra mile to win your satisfaction and return business.

In addition to our extensive inventory of used machines, we offer everything you need to get the most out of your investment including:

  • Best-in-class parts availability and distribution
  • Complete selection of excavator attachments
  • Dedicated support before, during and after the sale
  • Comprehensive maintenance and repairs
  • Affordable financing solutions and leasing options

Check Out Our Used Excavators in Sacramento and Stockton

Our sales representatives in Sacramento and Stockton are happy to help you dig though our used excavator inventory list to find one that will fit you application needs. We invite you to stop by and see our fleet of quality machines in person. You can also give us a call or contact us to learn more. Look no further than Holt of California for dependable used excavators for sale!