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The Benefits of a Cat Customer Value Agreement

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Every piece of Cat® equipment is engineered to deliver reliability and maximum productivity throughout its working life. The addition of a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) can help construction workers and site managers extend the lifetime of their heavy equipment through planned maintenance, all while minimizing downtime and reducing production costs. CVAs also lessen the burden of fleet maintenance and hand the management of your heavy machinery over to your Cat dealer. 

A CVA is an excellent solution if you're looking for ways to maximize your investment in your next equipment purchase or fleet upgrade. Learn more about Customer Value Agreements from Caterpillar and why you should consider adding one the next time you upgrade your heavy machinery. 

What Is a Cat Customer Value Agreement? 

A Customer Value Agreement with Caterpillar is an ownership and maintenance agreement between the owner and dealer that provides a tailor-made services package and enables hassle-free ownership. A CVA lets you benefit from additional maintenance services to maximize your equipment investment. Owners can sign a CVA on new or used equipment, giving them access to beneficial services, whatever their business goals.

By utilizing a CVA, equipment owners can prevent premature component failure and reduce unexpected maintenance costs to maximize uptime and increase the fleet's productivity. These ownership plans fit your business needs by helping you reduce the cost of ownership and avoid expensive machine breakdowns. 

A CVA can include a range of services, depending on the industry and type of product. Keeping construction equipment in top shape is a good move whatever your industry, and the services included in a CVA can help. A CVA might consist of: 

  • Preventive maintenance kits 
  • General machine inspections 
  • Fluid and oil changes
  • Total cost performance guarantees 
  • Fluid analysis 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Proactive equipment repair 

The Benefits of a Customer Value Agreement 

The Benefits of a Customer Value Agreement

A lot goes into owning a construction business, from supervising your crew to managing your fleet. Having a CVA can reduce that strain and provide several other advantages. Consider some of the top Customer Value Agreement benefits: 

1. Greater Flexibility 

Every CVA is customizable and scalable to each equipment owner's business needs. You may choose to receive simple preventive maintenance kits or go all-in for the total cost performance guarantee. Whatever your preferences, you can adjust your CVA to provide the services you need. Equipment owners can customize their CVA with several options, including the: 

  • Number of machines covered
  • Length of the CVA 
  • Range of services provided 

You can also modify your CVA at any time if the agreement no longer serves your changing needs. Since a CVA is a voluntary agreement rather than a long-term contract, giving equipment owners greater flexibility in meeting their business needs. You can also cancel your CVA at any time if you wish. The only requirement is that you provide your dealer with a 30-day notice. 

2. Budget Control 

The preventive maintenance services in a Cat CVA empower equipment owners to control their budgets better. Business owners want to avoid damaged components and unexpected production delays, which can be costly. A regular planned maintenance schedule reduces or eliminates these surprises and can save businesses time. 

Business owners and project managers can also benefit from the flexible CVA payment options Cat dealers offer. You can select from paid-in-dull, financed or flat rate options, plus various payment plans like monthly, quarterly, semiannual and annual payments. You may also pay for your CVA based on actual production hours. Your Cat dealer team will help you create the best payment plan for your business. 

3. Less Downtime 

Being proactive with machine maintenance can improve productivity on the job site and decrease downtime. Catching and repairing damage before a component fails can save your business a considerable amount. Knowing which repairs are coming up beforehand lets you maximize your available fleet and schedule downtime to make your business more efficient. 

With planned maintenance and regular machine servicing, your fleet's components can run more efficiently over time. Machine engines can operate longer, and construction equipment attachments can work without excessive parts damage.

4. Better Planning 

Advanced machine diagnostics from your Cat dealer help identify issues before they worsen and give you a clear roadmap for repairs. You can schedule repairs before components fail and stick to a tight maintenance schedule to give each machine the attention it needs. 

With a CVA, your fleet can also experience fewer unplanned repairs. Ultimately, a CVA improves efficiency and saves time managing equipment breakdown. 

5. Improved Resale Value 

Performing routine planned maintenance on a piece of heavy machinery is an excellent strategy for improving its resale value. Over time, operating a machine with poor quality fluids, minor damage and other seemingly small issues can cause problems to escalate and result in costly repairs. Planned maintenance reduces these types of repairs to keep your machines running smoothly throughout their operating life. 

When you decide to sell, keeping your machines in good condition will provide a better return on your investment. You'll also have extensive maintenance records to track ownership costs. 

When you add a CVA to the purchase of any Cat equipment, you also gain the expert service of our professionally trained technicians. Our technicians are certified to maintain Cat equipment and provide various services, including: 

  • Oil analysis and oil change
  • Machine inspections
  • Guaranteed service intervals 
  • Remote monitoring
  • More extensive repairs 

6. Expert Dealer Support 

When you add a CVA to your Cat machine, you benefit from advanced dealer support, including everything from technician repair services to dealer advice: 

  • Professional technicians: Caterpillar technicians are trained with specialist knowledge to understand the technology in your machines and perform expert repairs. 
  • CVA advice: Your local Cat dealer offers advice concerning setting up and optimizing your Cat machine and will help you make any modifications to your agreement. 
  • Parts acquisition: Cat dealers will coordinate parts acquisition to ensure you get the parts you need on time and at the correct location. 
  • Operator training: Your Cat dealer may also offer operator training with your CVA, so you can ensure your operators are making the best use of their equipment's features. 

Set Up Your Fleet With a CVA From Holt of California 

Set Up Your Fleet With a CVA From Holt of California. Learn more!

Proactively maintaining your heavy equipment fleet is vital to minimizing downtime and costs. With a Customer Value Agreement from Holt of California, you can protect your machinery by sharing its management with an experienced team of trained Caterpillar technicians. Holt of Calfornia offers customizable CVAs with maintenance services that help ensure you get the most out of your machines. 

When you partner with Holt of California, you get more than high-quality equipment — you also get access to expert dealer support that provides the parts, service and information you need. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help with your heavy equipment needs, whatever your industry. 

With 16 convenient locations throughout California, Holt of California is your source for Cat construction equipment, parts and service. Learn more about Holt of California CVAs or contact us to speak with our team about your CVA options.