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When you work in a demanding industry such as road building and repair, having equipment capable of maximizing productivity is critical to remaining profitable and competitive. If you're in the market for top quality cold planers, Holt of California is the go-to source for new cold planers from the world-wide construction equipment leader. We offer a complete selection of cold planers for sale along with everything you need to get the most out of your heavy equipment fleet.

Our experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to identify the cold planer for sale that makes the most sense for your operation. Shop our online selection, and don't hesitate to reach out to us for assistance from a live representative.

Cold Planer

Cat cold planers remove worn or deteriorated pavement to a specified grade and slope and leave a textured surface that can be immediately opened to traffic or overlayed with new asphalt.
Model Milling Width Operating Weight Rated Power  
PM310 Track Undercarriage Cold Planer 39.4 in 46770 lb 343 HP Details »
PM310 Wheel Undercarriage Cold Planer 39.4 in 46473 lb 336.6 HP Details »
PM312 Track Undercarriage Cold Planer 48.2 in 47407 lb 343 HP Details »
PM312 Wheel Undercarriage Cold Planer 48.2 in 46886 lb 336.6 HP Details »
PM313 Track Undercarriage Cold Planer 51.2 in 47522 lb 343 HP Details »
PM313 Wheel Undercarriage Cold Planer 51.2 in 47115 lb 336.6 HP Details »
PM620 Cold Planer 79.1 in 73480 lb 636 HP Details »
PM622 Cold Planer 88 in 74737 lb 636 HP Details »
PM820 Cold Planer 79.1 in 79653 lb 806 HP Details »
PM822 Cold Planer 88 in 80910 lb 806 HP Details »
PM825 Cold Planer 98.6 in 82673 lb 806 HP Details »

Innovative New Cold Planers for Sale

Cold planers play an integral role in removing asphalt to leave a textured surface or prep for paving. Caterpillar® designs and engineers equipment capable of getting the job done faster and more efficiently. Cold planers from Caterpillar feature the most advanced and protected rotor drive and a responsive load control system for keeping the engine operating at the optimal level. The result is precision grading and sloping and the power to tackle the most robust applications.

Additional benefits of investing in new cold planers by Caterpillar include:

  • Durable cutter bits for increased uptime and unmatched productivity
  • Improved moldboard pressure control for exceptionally clean milled surfaces
  • Optional Grade and Slope technologies configured to your requirements
  • Intuitive operator controls and simplified maintenance services
  • Exceptional versatility in a range of road-building and repair applications

Purchase Cat Cold Planers From a Reliable Source

Holt of California is proud to be your exclusive source for the full lineup of Cat cold planers for sale in the region. We offer premium heavy equipment solutions along with customer service dedicated to your 100% satisfaction. From expert product knowledge and sales support to flexible financing, extended warranty coverage options and full-service parts, maintenance and repairs, we're the single source for everything you need.

We offer:

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