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Cat Product Link is an advanced equipment management solution offered by Caterpillar and Holt of California for mixed fleets of equipment and offers differentiating features for Cat machines, power systems and vocational trucks. Designed to maximize efficiency, increase productivity and decease operating costs, Product Link gets information to the right people at the right time to improve your bottom line overall. With Product Link, data reports from your equipment are transformed into essential information that boosts asset performance, reduces costs and manages risk. 

Product Link features an intuitive web-based user interface, Vision Link, which is hosted by Trimble Navigation Ltd. With Vision Link you can monitor your entire fleet or zoom in for a detailed look at individual assets while giving you intuitive access to comprehensive information about your equipments performance and productivity – without giving you data overload. 

With Product Link, you can get timely and comprehensive support for your business. Holt of California will work with you to develop a flexible, affordable service plan customized with PoductLink capabilities. Product Link seamlessly connects you to our service department, Cat PartStore and more so you can be sure we have the information necessary to respond quickly and effectively to your needs at that moment. 

Product Link Benefits & Features: 

  • Monitor your entire fleet in one easy-to-use application
  • View status, fuel level, open alerts, recorded events, diagnostic codes, upcoming service and more
  • Easily plan and track maintenance
  • Customize your maintenance intervals, checklists and parts lists
  • Avoid overdue or missed service or maintenance with at-a-glance service schedules
  • Click directly to Cat PartStore to make servicing and maintenance easier with 24/7 ordering capabilities
  • Get real-time alerts, including notification of a change in operating state and when service is due
  • Configure alerts to be sent via SMS text or email to those who need to know 
  • See all of your specified alerts on one screen and prioritize the informational according to your needs
  • Accurate up-to-date information in an easy-to-read format
  • Instant status updates on equipment
  • Alert notifications
  • Elimination of back-office functions
  • Manage and filter information on a single, fleet-level screen
  • View equipment location on easy-to-use maps with location history on mobile assets
  • Maintain peak operating conditions to reduce emissions
  • Monitor hours run and fuel used to maintain compliance with federal and location regulations
  • Track equipment usage day-by-day, hour-by-hour to effectively manage your assets’ performance and condition
  • Easily set up site boundaries and security alerts to inform you of unauthorized equipment usage
  • Customize views for specific groups of assets, all equipment on a site, equipment that is due for service and more
  • Compare working time versus idle time to improve utilization
  • When you know where your equipment is, what it’s doing and how it is performing you can maximize your efficiency and lower you operating costs

Product Link includes robust hardware and options for data communication via satellite or cellular network. Since 2007, Product Link has come standard on most Cat machines with satellite hardware and has expanded to factory-installed cellular variants on machine and on-highway truck models. It is accompanied by a free subscription to Vision Link and can also come as a factory option where available. 

For more information about Product Link or Vision Link, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (916) 252-8486 or fill out this form.