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Product Support

Here at Holt of California, we want to make sure you are always up and running, able to get your job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. That’s why we have a whole department dedicated to the maintenance of your equipment. We offer several services to manage your fleet from a proactive stance in hopes that you don’t run into unexpected downtime. From a Customer Value Agreement (CVA) and Condition Monitoring to SOS Fluid Analysis and Vision Link, we have your areas of maintenance needs covered.

Here is what our Product Support division can do for you:

Complete Machine Inspection Programs

Holt of California provides complete machine inspection programs performed by trained technicians with advanced diagnostic tools. Inspection results are provided to help you make informed equipment management decisions based on your work demands.

Custom Hydraulic Service

Hydraulic system management minimizes costs and maximizes machine productivity and availability. The focus is on three areas:

  • Contamination Control - More than 70% of hydraulic component failures can be traced to some type of contamination. Expert diagnostics and inspections can help detect problems long before your operators can detect them.
  • SOS Fluid Analysis - Your interpreter provides expert analysis of component wear rates and makes recommendations.
  • Technical Inspections - Visual checks, plus performance and diagnostic testing of cycle times, drift rates and pump flow, give you the inside story on your hydraulic system.

Customer Value Agreements (CVAs)

Customer Value Agreements (service agreements) make sense whether you are working with one machine or a large fleet of equipment. Tractor downtime due to poor maintenance means a loss of productivity. Holt of California can custom fit a support agreement to your fleet’s individual needs. How you work, where you work and the extent of your service capabilities are among the variables that will determine the type of CVA that is right for you.

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Planned Maintenance (PM) Agreements

Planned Maintenance (PM) Agreements include on-site services performed to factory specifications. Our trained technicians have extensive equipment knowledge. While on-site, these technicians inspect and maintain your equipment, providing reports with additional indicators that should be addressed to prevent costly repairs. Included during a PM on-site visit is SOS Fluid Analysis, where our technicians maximize equipment life by evaluating trends in oil condition and component water.

Cat Product Link

Cat Product Link is an advanced equipment management solution for mixed fleets of equipment that is designed to maximize efficiency, increase productivity and decease operating costs by getting information to the right people at the right time to improve your overall bottom line.


VisionLink is a GPS-enabled, web-based tool that connects you to your equipment throughout the worksite and transmits hours and location, fuel information, idle time, planned maintenance management and machine fault codes from the machine to your desktop in real time.

SOS Fluid Analysis

With SOS Fluid Analysis enrollment, a routine sampling interval is established to build-up a trend of data over time. This trend then allows you to compare sample history and more easily identify deviations from the norm. SOS Fluid Analysis can help in preventing unplanned repairs, early replacement and avoiding costly downtimes and in keeping your fleet operating at peak performance. Holt of California can help you identify potential trouble areas before they grow into major repairs.

Total Maintenance and Repair

Holt of California provides all maintenance and repair at a guaranteed cost per hour for a specified period of time/hours. Repair management and planned component replacement are important elements of this option to lower your costs and increase your productivity and availability. This agreement allows you to concentrate on your business while we manage your equipment. For more information, check out this article on how flat rate fees can cut costs.