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Which Works Best For Your Jobsites?

Each new Cat Excavator is designed with features, technology and operator comfort tailored to different work needs. To find the excavator that best fits your operation, take a look at the categories below and see where you fall in each set of choices. The results will help you choose the excavator that delivers the results you want for your business. 

NGH Comparison

Reliable. Comfortable. Productive. 

The 320 GC Excavator offers you the ideal balance of dependable performance, operator productivity features and reduced costs. The 320 GC is a smart choice for operations where high reliability and low cost-per-hour performance are priorities. 

See the full specifications of the Cat® 320 GC Excavator here

Moving The Standard Higher

The 320 Excavator raises the bar for efficiency and fuel economy in this size class. With the industry's highest level of standard factory technology, a new cab focused on operator comfort, plus lower fuel and maintenance costs, the 320 will set a new pace for productivity and profit in your operation. 

See the full specifications of the Cat 320 Excavator here

High Production Performance

The 323 delivers power, speed and high production performance. With more standard technology than previous models, the highest lift capacity in the line-up, plus reduced fuel and maintenance costs, the Cat 323 has all you need to take your business to the next level. 

See the full specifications of the Cat 323 Excavator here

IncreasedEfficiency HOCButton 200x125 ReducedFuelConsumption HOCButton 200x125 LowerMaintenanceCosts HOCButton 200x125
The Cat 320 & 323 offer the industry's highest level of standard factory-equipped technology, including Cat Grade with 2D, Grade with Assist and Payload. All Next Generation Excavators feature a precise combination of lower engine speed and a large hydraulic pump that delivers top performance while burning less fuel.   Extended and more synchronized maintenance intervals across the line-up increase uptime and reduce costs compared to previous excavator models.


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