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How much electric power do you need for your home or small business?

As a facility manager or small business owner, you know better than anyone that electrical power is essential to your business. As a homeowner, you know that a power outage can be a major hassle and cause unnecessary costs. With the largest range of generator sets and a world-renowned dealer network, Caterpillar knows how to keep your business or home up and running during a power failure. Use this kVA/kW calculator to find out how much power you need.

Enter your electric power current needs in Amperes (amps).

  • A two bedroom home might use about 30 Amps and a three-bedroom home, about 45 Amps.
  • A small business might utilize around 50-100 amps.

Enter the voltage coming into your home or business.

  • Most residential applications have about 220 Volts (V) coming into the home.
  • Most businesses have about 480 V.

Choose single-phase or three-phase.

  • Houses are usually single-phase.
  • Businesses are usually three-phase.

Power Calculator

Input amperage for selected system phase, voltage, and power factor to yield a kW Requirement

PhaseSystem VoltagePower FactorAmperage NeededkW Requirement

Amperage Calculator

Input kW for selected system phase, voltage, and power factor to yield an Amperage Capability

PhaseSystem VoltagePower FactorkW AvailableAmperage Capability

kVA to kW Converter

@ 0.8 Power Factor

kVA - Customer Num InputKW

kW to kVA Converter

@ 0.8 Power Factor

kW - Customer Num InputkVA

HP to kW Converter

(92% Gen Efficiency Assumed)

HP - Customer Num InputkW(E)

kW to Hp Converter

(92% Gen Efficiency Assumed)

kW(E) - Customer Num InputHp