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What it is:

Caterpillar Oxidation Catalysts help lower any engine's emissions through chemical reactions that convert carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and aldehydes into carbon dioxide and water.

How it works:

A catalyst assembly (available in rectangular and cylindrical profiles depending on the engine application) is installed in line with the exhaust system of a stationary engine. Exhaust flows through a stainless housing containing a foil coated with the catalyst, where chemical reactions work to minimize engine emissions.

What it does:

  • Carbon monoxide reduction up to 93% in natural gas engines*
  • Carbon monoxide reduction up to 70% in diesel engines*
  • Hydrocarbon reduction up to 40% in both natural gas and diesel engines*
  • Caterpillar Warranty of 1 year from time of sale or 8,000 hours of operation

* In engines 500hp or higher and running at temperatures between 315°C to 705°C
* No consumables