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Viewing Issues with Internet Explorer 9

There is an issue with compatibility view mode in Internet Explorer 9. When the tool is turned on, it disables certain features on our web site, including the ability to hover over our top navigation bar to open the drop down menus. To correct the problem, the compatibility mode needs to be turned off . Please follow the steps below to correct the compatibility mode. This feature is usually not set to "on" unless there are certain software programs that are accessed via the web that are not compliant with the latest version of Internet Explorer and require an older version.

Step 1: First locate the "Tools" menu at the top left of your screen:

Viewing issues 1

Step 2: Select "Compatibility View Settings"

Viewing issues 2

Step 3: A box in the upper left should appear and at the bottom you should see a check mark next to "Display all websites in Compatibility View". Please uncheck that and then close the box.

Note: If there are certain websites that you access that need to have compatibility view turned on then you can add that specific website address by entering the address in the "Add this website" field then click "Add". This will auto set compatibility view on when you access that specific website.

viewing issue 3

Your screen should refresh and you should be able to see and use all the functionality of our web site including accessing our drop down menus in the main navigation. Please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you continue to have issues viewing or using our web site. Thank you.

Viewing issues 5