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Preventative maintenance is key to controlling repair costs, and keeping equipment in optimal operating condition. Properly maintaining equipment prevents problems and enables you to make repairs before costly breakdowns occur.

Low-cost Maintenance Tips

  • Fluids analysis is key to catching problems in early stages. S.O.S Oil Analysis and S.O.S Coolant Analysis help drive down costs and improve uptime and productivity. Recommendations based on sample results help you take action to avoid catastrophic failures and unnecessary downtime.
  • Keep accurate maintenance records. Detailed maintenance history will allow you to spot recurring problems and help prevent major breakdowns.
  • Change fluids and filters on a regular schedule (keep to manufacturer-recommended intervals for best results). Use high quality fluids and filters. We recommend using the fluid and filters by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Follow safe, clean maintenance procedures. Clean fluid systems extend the life and ensure peak performance of components like pumps, valves and cylinders.
  • Fix leaks in your equipment’s hydraulic system immediately. When oil leaves the system, dirt and other contaminants move in.
  • Pay attention to repair indicators. Leaks, unusual noises, excessive smoke, abnormal vibrations, gear slippage and overheating could indicate the start of more critical problems and costly repairs.
  • Maintain all safety items. Things like lights, horns, forks, alarms, brakes and operator restraint systems are the most critical aspects to your fleet and your business. Remember…a machine can be replaced, an operator cannot!

Talk to the pros at our dealership to learn additional maintenance tips that will keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently.