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973D SH Shiphold/Port Handling
973D SH Shiphold/Port Handling
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Time is money. Optimizing the unloading time is what it is all about when it comes to machine selection. You can load many types of machines inside a shiphold but none would provide the perfect match for the application as the Track-Type Loader can thanks to the combination of tracks giving traction, loader arm for the reach and engine at back for the machine balance.



Net Flywheel Power
263 hp
4.41 in
537 in3
Engine Model
Cat® C9 ACERT™
Net Power
263 hp
Rating at 1,900 rpm
5.86 in


Trim Blade Capacity - All Material
4.67 yd3
Trim Blade Capacity - Coal
Can be designed at order


Operating Weight - GP Bucket with Teeth
61857 lb
Operating Weight with GP Bucket and Teeth
61857 lb
Operating Weight with Trim Blade
62084 lb
Operating Weight - Trim Blade all material
62084 lb

Drive System

Drive Pump
Two, variable-displacement, slipper-type axial piston pumps
Relief Valve Setting
6527 psi
Track Motor
Two, variable displacement, bent axis motors
Drive System Hydrostatic drive with infinite machine speeds to 10.0 km/h (6.2 mph)

Main Service Refills

Cooling System
11.6 gal
Fuel Tank
164 gal
Hydraulic Tank
49.9 gal

Trim Blade

Capacity - All Material
4.67 yd3


Capacity - GP
4.2 yd3
Bucket Width - General Purpose
114.56 in
Bucket Width - Multi-Purpose
112.91 in
Capacity - General Purpose
4.2 yd3
Capacity - MP
3.92 yd3
Capacity - Multi-Purpose
3.92 yd3


Ground Pressure - Optional Shoe
10.1 psi
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe
12.4 psi
Ground Pressure - Standard Shoe with Trim Blade
12.4 psi
Grouser Height - Double Grouser
1.92 in
Track Shoe Type
Double Grouser with or without center hole
Track Shoe Width - Optional
26.6 in
Track Shoe Width - Standard
21.6 in
Track-Type Loaders

Track-Type Loaders

Shiphold/Port Handling

Infinite Variable Speeds (hydrostatic transmission)

  • Smooth controls, more operator comfort
  • Increased operator productivity

Joysticks for Transmission and Work Tools

  • Easy to maneuver
  • Intuitive controls minimize training requirements

High Reach Work Tool

  • Loader arm allows cleaning of the walls of the hold
  • Increases versatility of the machine

Track-Type Undercarriage

  • Low ground pressure for better traction in some materials
  • Several shoe widths available or can be manufactured at order to meet customer requirements
  • Optional center hole shoes reduce track packing and track chain tightening which extends undercarriage life

Lifting Eyes

  • Front eyes welded on the Track Roller Frame (TRF)
  • Rear eyes mounted on the main frame
  • Wide spacing for good stability during lifting


  • Sound suppressed cab and air suspended seat reduce operator fatigue and increase concentration
  • The sound levels measured per ISO 6396 reach 77 dB(A) for 973D


  • Large windows all around operator and clipped engine enclosure provide excellent view to the environment and the work tool
  • Day and night operations are lighted with 8 halogen lights: 4 lights facing frontward, 2 lights facing rearward and 2 facing sideways

Rear Engine and Cooling System Location

  • Improved machine balance
  • Engine less exposed to dust, increase engine life
  • Limit plugging of radiator core
  • Better visibility at front
  • Reduce O&O cost

Reversing Fan

  • The air flow can be either automatically or manually reversed. Maintains proper heat transfer by blowing material out of the radiator core.
  • The hinged radiator grill gives easy access to the cooling system of the machine

Heavy Duty Bumper

  • Gives outstanding protection for the rear of the machine
  • Cooling system is well protected in case of accidental impacts with a wall of the shiphold

Maintenance and Serviceability

  • Filters and other systems are accessible from the ground on each side of the machine
  • Cab can be tilted 90° with a crane or 30° with a hydraulic jack allowing job site repair
  • Makes the maintenance of the machine easier for engine or hydraulic components

Engine Air Precleaner

  • Debris is centrifugally removed from the airstream and delivers cleaner air to the engine filter
  • Air filter life is extended

Work Tools and Optional Equipment

Work Tools and Optional Equipment

Designed to meet your needs

Work Tool Options

  • Pin-on trim blade for all material
  • Pin-on trim blade for coal
  • Pin-on general purpose bucket
  • Pin-on multi purpose bucket

For additional information on the Track-Type Loader D series, please refer to the 953D, 963D and 973D specalogs.



When the attachments are available a typical Track-Type Loader working in the shiphold/port handling application needs to be equipped with the following recommended features:

  • Four lifting eyes
  • Joystick for the transmission control
  • Front guard for hydraulic tank
  • Guards for lift and tilt cylinders
  • Guard for the track rollers
  • Heavy duty bumper
  • Reversing fan
  • Engine air precleaner
  • E-SALT tracks equipped with center hole shoes
  • Trim blade or bucket (with or without quick coupler)
  • Lights facing forward, backward and sideways
  • Windshield sealed
  • Hydraulic tilt cab system