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Holt of California is proud to partner with some of California's finest community colleges for technical and specialized technician training. this type of training and certification is necessary to work on the heavy and industrial equipment we sell, service and repair. Holt of California looks to hire directly through these partnerships when positions open up within our company. 

While you are in the class learning, you will also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience working on heavy and industrial equipment like ours as well. Even if you have never worked on anything more advanced than a car, these technician training programs provides you with the training needed for this bold career choice.

Through one of the many programs offered, you can become someone who is:

  • Highly skilled & Technically Trained
  • In Demand & Readily Employable in an expanding industry
  • On-track for future advancement & promotion
  • Well paid with both Money and Benefits
  • A respected professional in a respected field
Butte College Logo

Butte College

AG Mechanics
Welding Technology
San Joaquin Delta College logo

San Joaquin Delta College

AG Mechanics
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technology
Fluid Power Technology
Welding Technology
Merced College logo

Merced College

 Mechanized AG
Diesel Technology
Welding Technology
Modesto Junior College logo

Modesto Junior College

 Mechanized AG
Welding Technology
Yuba College logo

Yuba College

Business Programs
Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician
Welding Technology