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352F L Hydraulic Excavator
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The 352F L is built to keep your production numbers up and your owning and operating costs down while giving you all the power, fuel efficiency, and reliability you need to succeed.


Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed
8.7 RPM
Swing Torque
109500 lb ft

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
190 gal
Cooling System
13.2 gal
Swing Drive (each)
2.6 gal
Final Drive (each)
4.0 gal
Hydraulic System (including tank)
150.6 gal
Hydraulic Tank
107.5 gal
Engine Oil (with filter)
10 gal


Operating Weight
112200 lb
Maximum Operating Weight
5512 lb
Minimum Operating Weight
112200 lb

Hydraulic System

Main System - Maximum Flow (Total)
203 gal/min
Swing System - Maximum Flow
102 gal/min
Maximum Pressure - Travel
5076 psi
Maximum Pressure - Swing
3989 psi
Pilot System - Maximum Flow
7.1 gal/min
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure
598 psi
Boom Cylinder - Bore
5076 in
Boom Cylinder - Stroke
*With R3.35 m (11'0") stick, 3.1 m3 (4.1 yd3) bucket, 600 mm (24") DG shoes. in
Stick Cylinder - Stroke
17.50 in
DB Bucket Cylinder - Bore
14.25 in
DB Bucket Cylinder - Stroke
12.17 in
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Normal
38.58 psi


Maximum Travel Speed
2.9 mph
Maximum Drawbar Pull
75300 lb


Engine Model
Net Flywheel Power
417 hp
Net Power - SAE J1349
311 kW/417 hp/423 PS hp
5.12 in
6.18 in
763 in3
Gross Power - SAE J1995
322 kW/432 hp/438 PS hp