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D7E WH Waste Handler
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Standard Equipment


Operating Weight
71455 lb
Operating Weight – LGP WHA
59456 lb
Shipping Weight – LGP WHA
69478 lb

Service Refill Capacities

Cooling System
22.5 gal
Engine Crankcase
8 gal
Final Drive (LGP each)
7 gal
Pivot Shaft Compartment
1.8 gal
Power Train
16 gal
Fuel Tank
113.5 gal


Engine Model
Cat® C9.3 ACERT™
Flywheel Power
251 hp
4.5 in
5.9 in
567 in3
Global Emissions
Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4
Gross Power – ISO 14396
270 hp
Gross Power – ISO 14396 (DIN)
266 hp
Gross Power – SAE J1995
270 hp
Net Power – ISO 9249
238 hp
Net Power – ISO 9249 (DIN)
241 hp
Net Power – SAE J1349
251 hp

Drive Train

AC Compressor Maximum Input Current
12 amps
AC Compressor Nominal Input Voltage
320 volts
AC Generator and Propulsion Module Voltage
480 volts
Electric Water Pump System Nominal Input Current
Nominal current dependent on heat/humidity loading on HVAC unit. amps
Electric Drive


Rollover Protective Structure (ROPS) meets the following criteria: ISO 3471:2008
Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) meets the following criteria: ISO 3449:2005 Level II
Crawler Machine Brake Requirements meets the following criteria: ISO 10265:2008


Electric Drive

The D7E is especially popular in Waste applications because of its productivity, maneuverability and demonstrated fuel efficiency. The Electric Drive system, powered by a Cat C9.3 ACERT engine, is designed to deliver quantum leaps in improved productivity and fuel efficiency. The D7E is more productive* – moving 10 percent more material per hour. Up to 30 percent better fuel economy, plus greater productivity, means you can move up to 35 percent more material per gallon/liter of fuel.

  • Dedicated D8-size steering pump delivers responsive performance.
  • Infinitely variable speed control means smooth operation with no gears to shift.
  • Economy Mode automatically adjusts engine speed when machine is not under load to save you fuel. The operator’s selected machine speed is maintained.
  • Load-sensing hydraulics continuously adjust hydraulic power to maximize blade efficiency.
  • Standard Traction Control reduces track slip.

*All comparisons vs. D7R2.

Operator Environment

A quiet, spacious cab with center-post design gives you outstanding visibility all around the machine. Operators can also enjoy added comforts like manually adjustable armrests and a heated/ventilated seat option. Cab-mounted heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system provides efficient cooling.

Ergonomic controls are fully adjustable and designed for low-effort. Speed Recall allows operators to pre-set the desired forward and reverse travel speed, and then resume that speed simply by pressing a button. Implement Lock-Out prevents inadvertent operation of hydraulic attachments.


  • Cat Slope Indicate (S) shows cross slope and mainfall on the primary machine display.
  • Stable Blade Control (S) complements operator input to automatically make instantaneous adjustments for smoother grading results with less effort.
  • Cat AccuGrade™ (O) machine control and guidance option helps operators improve productivity and accuracy by as much as 50% over conventional methods.
  • Remote monitoring with Product Link™/VisionLink® helps you manage your fleet more effectively and profitably.

(S) – Standard

(O) – Optional

Waste Handling Guarding and Seals

Cat Waste Handlers are designed and equipped from the factory to handle the unique challenges of landfill work.

Heavy duty hinged radiator guard helps protect fan and radiator. Designed to resist material penetration from straight-in and under the blade. Tight mesh helps prevent material entry during reversing fan purge cycle.

  • Radiator door swings fully open, even with blade attached, for easier cleanout.
  • Final drive clamshell seals – multi-layer final drive seal protection comprised of heavy-duty cast guards, stepped labyrinths and Kevlar seals to protect final drives/Duo?Cone™ seals.
  • Rear striker bars deflect debris from traveling up the track and damaging components like fenders or fuel and hydraulic tanks.
  • Cab door screens protect the lower half of the glass doors from demolition debris, while allowing good visibility to the blade.
  • Folding ladder enhances access for manual refueling and cleaning the rear window.
  • Idler and pivot shaft seal guards prevent damage caused by wrapping wire or waste contaminants.
  • Chassis and bottom guarding protect against impact loads. Hinged belly guard for easier cleaning access.
  • Guarding provides added protection from damage to fuel tank, hydraulic tank and battery box.
  • Crankcase guards help protect power train components from contact damage or debris.
  • Chassis sealing – extensive rubber, foam, and steel sealing components prevent debris from entering engine and transmission compartments.
  • Dozer blade hydraulic line protection with a rotating sleeve design protects lines while shedding debris.
  • Precleaner with screen promotes longer air filter life.
  • Insulated Cat Clean Emissions Module.
  • Laminated Thermal Shields – lowers skin temperature of exhaust components and provides cooling to the turbobearings.
  • Standard black hood and lift cylinder cut glare.
  • Bracket on the back of the machine keeps a shovel handy for quick undercarriage cleanouts.

Optional Waste Handling Attachments

  • Enhanced clean air module increases cab air pressure to help keep dust out and provide additional air filtration, greatly increasing cab air filter life.
  • LED lights for optimum visibility in low light.
  • Cab roof-mounted strobe light indicating the machine is operational.
  • Rear vision camera display in the front of the cab helps the operator more easily see behind the machine for greater safety.

Cooling System

Rugged, three-part cooling system features a highly efficient aluminum bar plate radiator. Single-plane design allows easier cleaning and wide fin spacing helps reduce plugging. In cooler conditions, the hydraulic demand fan reduces speed to conserve power, save fuel and decrease sound levels. Automatic reversing fan efficiently removes debris from the cooling cores without the operator leaving the cab.


D7E waste handlers are offered in two track shoe widths. The 660 mm (26 inch) shoe has greater compacting and shredding characteristics and higher ground pressure. The 914 mm (36 inch) shoe provides greater flotation in soft underfoot conditions. Trapezoidal hole shoes are recommended for trash applications. The shoe is specially designed to shed waste that can otherwise contribute to accelerated internal track wear.


A wide, straight landfill blade easily handles heavy or bank materials. It features a ½ inch wear plate on the moldboard and an integrated 610 mm (24 in) trash rack. With the rack, this blade has a capacity of 12.3 m3 (16.1 yd3). Ask your Cat dealer about other blade options.

Rear Attachments

Multi-shank rippers with integrated striker bars can make short work of loosening and preparing cover material. Cast-in ripper mounts allow a ripper to be mounted quickly and easily.

Emissions Technology

The D7E meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final/EU Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 emission standards. Emissions reduction technology on the D7E is designed to be transparent, with no action required from the operator. Regeneration runs automatically in the background while you work. Selective Catalytic Reduction utilizes Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), which can be conveniently refilled when you refuel. A gauge on the dash shows your fluid level. When the machine is turned off, a pump will automatically purge the DEF lines to help prevent freezing. A symbol on the dash and a light/symbol on the Ground Level Service Center indicate when the purge is complete and that it is safe to turn off the electrical disconnect. If the engine/aftertreatment temperatures are high, a Delayed Engine Shutdown will activate automatically to cool the machine and then purge the lines. For complete aftertreatment information, please refer to your machine’s Operation and Maintenance Manual.

Cat EMSolutions (Equipment Management Solutions) lets you take control of your fleet with a solution specific to your equipment management needs. Comprehensive, technology-enabled equipment management – combined with the knowledge and expertise of your Cat dealer – can provide ways to help you achieve gains that go straight to your bottom line.

Service and Support

The D7E is designed with easy access to service points, fewer moving parts and longer service intervals to help you reduce total owning and operating costs.

  • Tilt cab allows easy access to modular major components.
  • Ground-level sight gauges and grouped service points for quick and easy routine maintenance.
  • Modular final drives can be easily accessed for maintenance.
  • Optional high-speed oil change attachment.
  • Ground level service center gives easy access to battery disconnect, hour meter, remote engine shutdown and access light switches.
  • LED warning indicator shows that the power train and accessory systems are energized. Indicator turns off when the systems are de-energized and safe for maintenance.
For more information about the D7E, please see your dealer or visit