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New Construction Equipment for Sale

Caterpillar has been the equipment of choice simply because it is built to last, works when you do and is rugged, reliable equipment and work tools you can count on. With superior quality, performance and reliability, Caterpillar has remained one of the most recognized names in the industry for decades. Holt of California's product lines are exceptionally diverse to handle any job imaginable while meeting California's emissions standards.


In today's construction market, it is vital to stay ahead of schedule - and ahead of the competition. To ensure your company's success, Caterpillar machinery and equipment is a must. As a trusted name in the industry for almost a century, Caterpillar provides a full line of industry-leading solutions to help you build and expand your construction business:

  • Long lasting, hard working machines capable of getting the maximum work done, every day
  • The full choice of heavy construction equipment options - new, used, rental and rebuilt - whichever fits best with your immediate and long term needs
  • Financing and insurance plans that make equipment ownership and protection affordable
  • Work Tools and attachment options that make one machine versatile enough to do the work of many
  • Equipment and fleet management strategies that help predict and control your owning and operating costs
  • Training programs that improve productivity and safety for both experienced and new operators
  • Monitoring and control technologies that improve machine performance, accuracy and operator efficiency

Contractors know there is a lot more to construction than pushing dirt. We know it too, which is why we focus on things that give you a competitive advantage in a competitive world...Construction Equipment Solutions!

These are just some of the industries and applications our lines of Caterpillar equipment can help with:

  • Paving, Highway, Airport, Dam & Interstate Road-building Jobs
  • Residential, Commercial, Governmental & Industrial Applications
  • Soil, Landfill & Waste
  • Dense Forest & Timber
  • Millyard
  • Earthmoving, Heavy Construction & Excavation
  • Water & Sewer
  • Demolition
  • Surface Mining
  • Mines & Quarries
  • Coal Stockpiling & Retrieval
  • Agriculture

Caterpillar has also provided a robust Tier 4 introduction plan, which allows you to transition from Tier 3 to Tier 4 products in a smooth and orderly fashion. Cat uses a variety of the transitional tools provided in the regulations with the goal of maximizing the value to you, our end-users.

For more information about Caterpillar’s Tier 4 plan, have a look at the Holt of California Tier 4 microsite.

You can use Caterpillar’s Build & Quote online tool today to custom configure a number of our most popular products.