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As part of the ThinkBIG application process, you are required to take the Wiesen Mechanical Aptitude Test. This is a 60-question, 30-minute timed test designed to measure your understanding of how mechanical things operate. It is not highly technical but rather a series of pictures with corresponding questions on what is, or will happen.

The Wiesen Mechanical Aptitude Test can be taken at one of the two San Joaquin Delta College Open Houses or by scheduling a time arranged with Max Jones or the Applied Science, Business & Technology Division Office at SJDC.

Your completion of this test is mandatory and required to be done prior to the application deadline for ThinkBIG applications.

To take this test at the next SJDC Open house, please visit here .

Otherwise, to schedule another time, please contact:

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ThinkBIG Recruiter, Holt of California
Office: (916) 921-8834
Mobile: (916) 798-3424


Kelly Arceo
SJDC Applied Science, Business & Technology Division Office
Phone: (209) 954-5230