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Equipment rentals are often necessary for completing projects when your owned fleet can't handle every task. Whether you are looking for power equipment, aerial lifts or construction machinery, Holt of California offers reliable equipment rentals from top manufacturers to meet your needs on the work site. You can trust our durable equipment to complete any job efficiently, and we offer comprehensive customer service and technical support when you need assistance. At Holt of California and The Cat® Rental Store, our knowledge and skill allow us to provide the right products for your projects. Contact Us About Our Rentals

High-Quality Equipment Rentals

We offer superior equipment rental that can take on any challenge. Whether you need a lift truck to transport heavy items, a boom lift for working at heights or a generator to provide extra power, we can help you find the right model.

We supplement our rental fleet with products from top manufacturers to ensure we can deliver anything you might need. Our selection of industry-leading rental equipment includes options such as:

Browse Our Top-of-the-Line Construction Equipment

We offer top-of-the-line earthmoving equipment, trucks, trailers, lift trucks and electrical power systems as well as other construction rental equipment to complete critical jobs on your work site.

Our construction equipment covers a broad range of machinery, such as:

Benefits of Renting Equipment

There are several reasons why renting equipment from reliable top manufacturers may be the best option for you. Benefits include:

saving money
Saving money

Renting construction, aerial or power equipment is cheaper than purchasing units outright, and it lets you save on maintenance and storage costs. While owning a machine usually pays itself off in the long run, it helps to cut costs by renting equipment for tasks you only occasionally need to complete.

Testing equipment

If you want to see if machinery is a good fit for your business or personal needs before you purchase it, consider renting it first. This method allows you to use the equipment on the job without fully committing until you're sure you will benefit from buying it.

finishing jobs
Finishing bigger jobs

There may be instances when a task calls for more machinery than you have on hand. Instead of buying new equipment that you may not need afterward, consider renting additional units that you can use until you finish the job.

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At Holt of California and The Cat Rental Store, we offer construction equipment for rent to meet your specific needs. You can choose from flexible rental periods depending on how long you need the equipment, from daily to long-term use. We comply with California's stringent emissions standards and have numerous locations for your convenience. And we also sell everything we rent!

Browse our selection of power, construction and aerial rental equipment to find the best option for your project. To request a quote or get more information, contact us today. Our team members are available to answer any questions you have.