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Even the toughest of equipment can break and the thickest of steel can wear thin. Our Welding & Fabrication Shop is fully equipped to deal with the challenges of "stitching" a machine back together. With a 600-ton brake press we can bend metal up to 1-inch thick. We specialize in bucket rebuilds, dozer liners, ripper shank repairs and scraper liners.

We do more than steel; we also have an aluminum Tig Welder for your aluminum repair requirements.

Here are some examples of the craftsmanship that our welders can yield. If you have any questions or would like a quote on any of these types of projects or similar requests, please fill out our contact form or contact your local shop supervisor.

New compaction tips & wire guards being welded to new Trash Compactor Wheels


The "Pacific 600" Brake Press can form plates up to 1". With this tool we can form bucket bottoms & liners, push plates, water wago bottom skins, bumpers and many others.


Can't bring it into our shop? We can weld at your jobsite.


We can do custom work to just about anything. This is a loading ramp that was widened to accomodate larger equipment.


This dozer was subjected to rocks wedging in between the roller frame and the frame, causing the frame to fail. The frame was torn down and rebuilt from scratch.


Bucket Base Edge Replacement - changed worn straight edge to a spade nose on a bucket for a Cat 988


Wear plates replaced on a Cat 988 Bucket


D11 front recoil tube being repaired


315 that needed a cage for logging applications


A loader being used in a forest application had custom light guards fabricated for the rear and the over-the-cab front lights.


Sub-frame being fabricated to mount a hydroseeer to a truck


A Finn Hydroseeder sitting on a John Deere truck


A failed excavator boom, repaired and strengthened


Need a heavy duty workbench?


Parts being burned with an ESAB pattern cutter


This Loader Quick Coupler was set up with air to be able to quickly attach to trailers to move around the yard