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New Cat® Excavators

Holt of California has brand new Caterpillar® excavators for sale that continue the brand's history of reliability and innovation. Discover our range of new Cat excavators below and learn what makes them the industry's most dependable.

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Mini Excavators

An extensive line of Cat® mini hydraulic excavators from 1-10 metric tons offers the performance to dig in and be productive on every job.
Model Net Power Operating Weight Dig Depth  
300.9D Mini Hydraulic Excavator 13 HP 2061 lb 7 in Details »
300.9D VPS & HPU300 Mini Hydraulic Excavator 13 HP 2399 lb 68 in Details »
301.5 Mini Hydraulic Excavator 21 HP 3913 lb - Details »
301.7 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator - 4222 lb - Details »
301.8 Mini Hydraulic Excavator 21 HP 4473 lb - Details »
302 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 21 HP 4987 lb - Details »
302.7 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 23.6 HP 6725 lb - Details »
303 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 23.6 HP 7817 lb - Details »
303.5 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 23.6 HP 9239 lb - Details »
304 Mini Excavator 45 HP 9867 lb - Details »
305 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 45 HP 12688 lb - Details »
306 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 55.9 HP 15766 lb - Details »
307.5 Mini Hydraulic Excavator 54.8 HP 17905 lb - Details »
308 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 69.5 HP 20077 lb - Details »
308 CR VAB Mini Hydraulic Excavator 69.5 HP 20385 lb - Details »
309 CR Mini Hydraulic Excavator 69.5 HP 21091 lb - Details »
309 CR VAB Mini Hydraulic Excavator 69.5 HP 21477 lb - Details »
310 Mini Hydraulic Excavator 69.5 HP 22451 lb 205.2 in Details »

Small Excavators

Cat small excavators are perfect for smaller jobs and applications with space constraints. Powered by fuel-efficient engines and advanced hydraulic systems, our small excavators offer exclusive Cat technology and a variety of matching Cat attachments to help you complete your work on time at a low cost per hour.
Model Net Power - ISO 9249 Operating Weight Engine Power - ISO 14396  
313 Hydraulic Excavator 108 HP 30400 lb 110 HP Details »
313 GC Hydraulic Excavator 73 HP 30400 lb 74 HP Details »
315 Hydraulic Excavator 108 HP 34000 lb 110 HP Details »
317 Hydraulic Excavator 130 HP 40200 lb 131 HP Details »

Medium Excavators

Their size make Cat® mid-size excavators easy to transport to the jobsite. With ample power, exclusive factory-equipped technology, comfortable cabs, simple maintenance and matching Cat attachments, Cat mid-size excavators will help you complete larger projects at a lower cost.
Model Net Power - ISO 9249 Operating Weight Engine Power - ISO 14396  
320 Hydraulic Excavator 172 HP 49600 lb 174 HP Details »
320 GC Hydraulic Excavator 146 HP 48300 lb 148 HP Details »
323 Hydraulic Excavator 172 HP 54900 lb 174 HP Details »
325 Hydraulic Excavator 172 HP 62800 lb 174 HP Details »
326 Hydraulic Excavator 201 HP 56400 lb 202 HP Details »
330 Excavator | 30 Ton Excavator / Digger 273 HP 69200 lb 275 HP Details »
330 GC Excavator | 30 Ton Excavator / Digger 201 HP 67900 lb 202 HP Details »
335 Hydraulic Excavator 273 HP 77000 lb 275 HP Details »

Large Excavators

Their power, speed, and fuel efficiency make Cat® large excavators the right machine for bulk excavation applications. With powerful, yet efficient engines, advanced hydraulic systems, factory equipped technology, and matching attachments, these machines will help you complete your large-scale projects on time and within budget.
Model Net Power - ISO 9249 - Metric Operating Weight Engine Power - ISO 14396  
336 Hydraulic Excavator 300 HP 81100 lb 302 HP Details »
340 Hydraulic Excavator - 83100 lb - Details »
349 Hydraulic Excavator - 105200 lb 425 HP Details »
350 Hydraulic Excavator - 105100 lb - Details »
352 Hydraulic Excavator - 111300 lb 445 HP Details »
395 Excavator - 207400 lb 543 HP Details »

Demolition Excavators

Cat® demolition excavators are purpose built for the rigor of demolition applications. With specialized cabs, straight boom and ultra high reach configurations, and a full line of matching demolition attachments, Cat demolition excavators are ready to help you tear through your next job.
Model Operating Weight Engine Power - ISO 14396 Engine Model  
340 Straight Boom Excavator 88500 lb 314 HP C9.3B Details »
352 UHD Ultra High Demolition Hydraulic Excavator 151483 lb 425 HP Cat C13 Details »

Long Reach Excavation

Get the job done in tough, hard-to-reach places with Cat long reach excavators.
Model Operating Weight Engine Power - ISO 14396 Engine Model  
340 Long Reach Excavator 96700 lb 314 HP C9.3B Details »

Achieve Your Construction Goals With Excavators From Caterpillar

Excavators have the main purpose of digging and carrying large amounts of earth and material. They come in a variety of sizes with different balances of power and maneuverability. Our selection of new Cat excavators for sale includes:

  • Mini excavators: Thanks to their compact design, mini excavators can maneuver into tight spaces. They also qualify for the Caterpillar extended warranty on compact machines.
  • Small excavators: Small excavators from Caterpillar have more power than mini excavators with a nimbler build than medium and large models. They have high levels of fuel efficiency to save you money.
  • Medium excavators: A medium excavator from Caterpillar can handle most mid-sized projects as well as some heavy-duty tasks. New medium excavators come with the latest Cat technology like Grade Assist.
  • Large excavators: Cat large excavators offer the highest level of power out of their excavator selection. When you choose a new large Caterpillar excavator, advanced hydraulics and engine design provide unmatched efficiency.

You can also choose from a wide range of excavator attachments for added utility. These accessories give your excavator added functions such as demolition, mulching, material handling and landscaping.

Why Purchase a Brand New Cat Excavator?

When you buy new Caterpillar equipment from Holt of California, you enjoy world-class service and product quality. Take advantage of benefits such as:

  • Top selection: Caterpillar always ensures that their latest equipment includes models with different price points and features to meet your needs.
  • Leading engineering: As an industry leader, Caterpillar builds the latest technology into their new excavator models to make you more efficient.
  • Long-lived value: Cat machines have durable designs and modular parts that ensure that they have a high resale value.

As a Holt of California customer, you also receive the top-quality service associated with Cat machines.

Find the Right Model for the Job

Check out our new Caterpillar excavators below, and contact our team online if you have any questions or need guidance. We can help you find the right excavator for your fleet.