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The Cat® 340 excavator delivers efficiency in all applications. Simple-to-use technologies like Cat GRADE with 2D, Grade Assist, Payload, and E-Fence all come standard from the factory to boost your operator efficiencies up to 45 percent. Combine these with a new cab, longer maintenance intervals that lower your maintenance costs up to 15 percent, and a power system that that improves fuel efficiency up to 15% and you have a low-cost-per-unit-of-production excavator capable of taking on your toughest work.

Not all features available in all regions. Consult your Cat dealer for specific configurations available in your region.

Cat Specs


Operating Weight
96700 lb


Engine Power - ISO 14396
314 HP
5 in
6 in
568 in²
Engine Model

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel Tank Capacity
158.5 gal (US)
Final Drive - Each
2.1 gal (US)
Engine Oil
8.5 gal (US)
Swing Drive
4.8 gal (US)
Hydraulic System - Including Tank
98.5 gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank
42.5 gal (US)
Cooling System
10.5 gal (US)
DEF Tank
21.1 gal (US)

Hydraulic System

Main System - Maximum Flow
558 l/min (147 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure - Equipment
5076 psi
Maximum Pressure - Equipment - Lift Mode
5511 psi
Maximum Pressure - Swing
4264 psi
Maximum Pressure - Travel
5076 psi

Swing Mechanism

Swing Speed
8.75 r/min
Maximum Swing Torque
106228 ft-lb


Track Length
15.5 in
Transport Width
12 in
Track Gauge
9.6 in
Shipping Length
50.2 ft
Tail Swing Radius
11.6 ft
Counterweight Clearance
4.8 ft
Ground Clearance
2.4 ft