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The AP400 is a wheel-type asphalt paver that provides easy transport, application versatility, and a wide paving range, making it the perfect match for urban streets, parking lots, rural roads and many other small to intermediate-type applications.

Cat Specs

Operating Specifications

Maximum Throughput Capacity
853 ton(US)/h
Maximum Paving Speed
200 ft/min
Maximum Travel Speed
10 mile/h

Service Refill Capacities

DEF Tank
5 gal (US)
Cooling System - Total
6.3 gal (US)
Hydraulic Oil Tank
32 gal (US)
Washdown Spray Tank
8.5 gal (US)
Fuel Tank
53 gal (US)


Gross Power
120 HP
Engine Model
Cat C3.6


Shipping Weight - Paver Only
23327 lb


Transport Length
18.1 ft
Transport Height
8.6 ft
Truck Entry Height
21 in
Transport Width
8.5 in
Overall Height
11 ft
Operating Length
19 in
Operating Width
10.75 ft

Dimensions (Approximate) - Quick Coupler and Fork

Front Axle Centerline to Bucket Tip
29800 ft