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On-Highway Vehicle Emissions Solutions

Holt of California provides environmental solutions for your on-highway vehicles, designed to reduce emissions and tailored to fit a wide range of diesel engines.

We do DPF Retrofits to help you get CARB Compliant!

Diesel Particulate Filters (DFPs) use special filters to reduce particulate matter (PM), carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. Exhaust back-pressure is maintained through passive regeneration, a process that automatically removes particulate buildup.

When you purchase a DPF through Holt, you will also get:
• Data logging on your truck to measure its duty cycle and potential passive DPF application
• An engine assessment evaluating DPF performance success
• Installation of the DPF and backpressure monitor
• Training after installation on the operation of the device and maintenance
• A Full Warranty Station on all products we sell
• CARB Warranty for 5 years or 150,000 miles

The appropriate solution for a specific application depends on the configuration of a vehicle's exhaust system and the emissions targeted by applicable emissions regulations. That's why Holt of California works with several CARB-verified manufacturers to provide that right products necessary to help you become compliant.

For more information or assistance on On-Highway Vehicle Emissions Solutions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 916-373-4131.


Holt of California keeps quality certified technicians on staff who are ready to service engines of all makes and models of commercial and school buses, even Bauer's bus limousines.

You can also learn all about the premium power provided by the Caterpillar School Bus Engine from Holt of California technicians. They will explain the industry-leading advantage provided by owning a School Bus powered by the Caterpillar School Bus Engine.

At each service location we provide:
• Technicians trained to repair and service Power Tech generators
• Technicians certified in Handicap Ramp & Lift Repair

Services Available at Each Location Include:
• Bus A/C
• CHP Motor Carrier Chassis Repair Certified
• Additional amenities

On-Highway Truck Technical Support

We have expert technicians available to help you with all your Caterpillar On-Highway Truck Engine issues, problems and technical questions. Please fill out this contact form with a brief description of the problem and as much information as you can provide. Our Technical Support Department will contact you as soon as possible.

RV & Motorcoach

Holt of California also offers service to RV and Motor Coach customers through our network of CAT RV Service Centers, which consists of nearly 90 select dealerships nationwide and growing.

Each service location includes:

• Technicians trained to repair and service Power Tech generators
• Certified Spartan & Country Coach Warranty Repair Station
• Additional amenities specifically for RV and Motor coach owners

And while you wait you are offered:

• Clean, comfortable waiting rooms
• Internet
• Cable Television

The CAT RV Center network is committed to our RV and Motor Coach customers and is dedicated to providing service that exceeds the needs and expectations of these consumers.