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Holt of California in Roseville

Are you getting ready for a massive landscaping project surrounding your home? Or perhaps you're part of a maintenance crew setting up your construction schedule over the next month? Whatever your situation, earthmoving equipment is always in demand — and thanks to Holt of California and The Cat® Rental Store, it's always available for you. When you're looking for reliable equipment rentals near you, our location in Roseville is prepared to help you on your adventure.

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Cat® and Other OEM Equipment Rentals

At Holt of California, we provide rental equipment through our The Cat Rental Store locations for a number of needs and industries. Aerial platforms, such as boom and scissor lifts, are available for reaching those high points, whether you're painting, roofing or doing electrical work. Concrete equipment — like electric tools, drills and saws — will compact and slice your concrete surfaces quickly and efficiently. You may even be interested in renting power generators for your worksite, especially during particularly stormy seasons or for sites where you'll need an extraneous amount of power and electricity to operate.

Our equipment and tools come from brand and manufacturing names you trust. They'll get the job done according to your needs with the power and experience already trained within each piece. There is no limit to the number of what you can rent, and you have the option to borrow the same piece of equipment over and over again until your project is complete.


Explore Our Construction Equipment Rentals

With our broad selection of rental equipment, operations can increase efficiency, diversify their projects and stay on schedule. Some of our equipment categories include:

  • Earthmoving equipment: Construction teams need earthmoving equipment to dig foundations, move materials across the job site and level ground. Our rentals include machines like excavators, multi-terrain loaders, dozers and backhoes that deliver the capabilities you're searching for. 
  • Work tool attachments: With work tool attachments, construction teams can diversify equipment abilities with ease. For instance, use an auger with your excavator to dig into hard, rocky earth. Or use a trencher with your skid steer to make lay wires and pipes in a given area. 

Why Choose Equipment Rental?

Fast processing and affordability are two of the biggest reasons customers choose to rent equipment for their worksite projects. Our rental selection meets your needs and can offer extra benefits, such as:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast delivery to your work site
  • Flexible rental options, whether daily, weekly or monthly — or longer

Choose Holt of California

If you're ready to add some durable equipment to your project for an affordable price, renting from Holt of California and The Cat Rental Store is a perfect choice. Visit us in Roseville on Industrial Way to get on-site demonstrations and get your hands on some rentals today. Or, contact us for more information.

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