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In April an analysis was performed on what types of waste were being disposed of and the amount of money spent to dispose of those items. With the help of a couple of our current waste vendors, it was discovered that a majority of the items being discarded as trash were potentially recyclable.

By law waste companies have to haul recyclable products for “No Charge”, but only if they are segregated.

The project consisted of removing the 20 yard roll off trash receptacle at the 1234 W.Charter Way Facility and replacing it with several 90 gallon totes (one for each work station throughout the shops), 3 – 7 yard mixed recycle front load receptacles, and 1 – 7 yard trash receptacle. At the 1521 W.Charter Way Facility similar changes were made which include the addition of 90 gallon totes at each work station throughout the shops, and a 1 – 7 yard mixed recycle front load receptacle. Once recycling becomes a little more acculturated at the 1521 facility we will move to reassign the current garbage compactor as a cardboard compactor which will generate revenue from the large amounts of cardboard disposed of at that facility. Additionally, the majority of the office waste receptacles at both facilities were removed and replaced with 15 gallon blue rectangular receptacles.

To date the employees do not miss the large roll off at 1234 and in fact have yet to fill the 7 yard trash receptacle prior to pickup. Most all of the waste generated at 1234 is going to recycling.

The initial follow up at 1521 appears positive. Most of the totes in the shop areas are being highly utilized and likewise the regular trash containers are mostly empty with the exception of non-recyclable items.

The financial results are not yet available, but with such a drastic reduction in the amount of trash being generated at both facilities, our initial estimate is a savings of over 50% on our waste disposal expenses.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Justin Relaford @ 209-678-2644

Keep Recycling!