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OMAHA, Neb. – The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) recently announced that CLAAS has won six AE50 awards for their advances in agricultural engineering. Two awards were given for innovations in the LEXION 700 Series combines — C-MOTION ERGONOMIC JOYSTICK and CRUISE PILOT.

CLAAS C-MOTION JOYSTICK is designed to allow a three-finger operational style. The thumb, index and middle fingers are each incorporated to control separate aspects of the machine. An operator can use his or her thumb to control header height, reel height, auto-pilot and feederhouse/header stops. The index finger is used to control unloading tube swing-in and swing-out and engage/disengage, while the middle finger controls the rocker switch for manual header tilt control and cutter bar position.

The CRUISE PILOT automatic throughput control system, was also identified by ASABE as a superior innovation. This component tracks speed, feederhouse crop volume, engine load and grain losses. Through the constant monitoring of these aspects, the CRUISE PILOT system can anticipate peak loads and maintain maximum productivity levels. The constant ground speed, throughput and throughput with losses are all maximized by the automatic technology. With this feature, LEXION combines can adapt to changing crop conditions and capitalize on efficiency.

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