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The major structures and components of a Cat machine are designed to maintain their fundamental integrity throughout a lifetime of service, allowing the machine to be rebuilt, economically, under the strict guidelines of the CCR Program.

The long-term success of the CCR Program prompted Caterpillar to add the Certified Power Train (CPT) Program in 2001. The concept of the CPT Program is the same as that of the CCR Program, but CPT is limited to the machine power train. Most customers who opt for the power-train rebuild, however, usually have additional work performed on the machine.

The extensive Cat Certified Rebuild programs incorporate the very latest Cat technology and critical engineering updates into each machine or power train at a fraction of the cost of buying new. Only trained dealer service professionals and only Cat parts are used to complete a certified rebuild. The result is an array of proven options for Cat customers when it comes time to make the decision to repair, rebuild or replace.

Attention to detail

Each CCR or CPT begins with a thorough inspection and evaluation of the machine and components. Testing in the CCR process (evaluation, in-process and final) involves more than 350 detailed checks, and the CPT process involves more than 200 tests. Based on evaluation testing, the Cat dealer (certified by Caterpillar to perform authorized rebuilds) then develops a customized rebuild plan for the machine, together with a cost estimate.

The CCR process includes automatic replacement of more than 7,000 parts (including wiring harnesses), and more than 3,000 parts are replaced in a power-train rebuild. Remaining parts are measured against Caterpillar strict reusability guidelines, and those not measuring up are either replaced with new or Cat Reman Parts, or reconditioned to meet specifications.

Total-machine rebuild includes work typically not part of an "overhaul." The CCR can include procedures such as straightening and reinforcing frames; replacing worn linkage pins and shaft bearings; restoring hydraulic systems to original levels of performance, reliability and cleanliness (ISO 18/15); and replacing electronic control modules and software. Integrating significant technical enhancements, such as emissions control, is a critical aspect of the rebuild process.

New paint and a new serial number complete the CCR process. All replacement parts carry a new parts warranty, and the like-new condition of the machine qualifies it for available Extended Power Train Coverage from Cat Insurance.

More Certified Rebuild possibilities

Since 2005, the Certified Engine Rebuild (CER) Program has allowed owners of Cat engines in other manufacturers’ systems (i.e., locomotives, ships, generating plants and pumping stations) to rebuild these power plants to like-new specifications. The primary focus of the CER Program is 3500 and 3600 Series engines.

The Certified Hydraulic Rebuild (CHR) Program, added in 2007, allows economic rebuild of the complete hydraulic system in certain Cat hydraulic excavators. Then, to complete the range of Cat Certified Rebuild Programs, a Certified Machine Component Rebuild (CMCR) Program was initiated in 2008, allowing machine users to have individual components, such as engines and transmissions, rebuilt to like-new specifications.

For more information about Cat Rebuild Programs, customers should visit with their local Cat dealer. A detailed list of machines qualifying for the CCR and CPT Programs is available by clicking on Machine Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR) and Cat Certified Power Train (CPT) (page 7) under Certified Rebuild Reference Materials at the following Caterpillar website: