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Stockton Facilites look to reduce waste!

In April an analysis was performed on what types of waste were being disposed of and the amount of money spent to dispose of those items. With the help of a couple of our current waste vendors, it was discovered that a majority of the items being discarded as trash were potentially recyclable.

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Caterpillar Emissions Solutions Expands Capabilities

CleanAIR Systems is a privately owned company in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and is a leader in designing and manufacturing customized stationary aftertreatment solutions for internal combustion engines. The broad product line includes California Air Resources Board (CARB) verified particulate filters, oxidation catalysts and silencers as well as an innovative hybrid selective-catalytic-reduction/particulate-filter/silencer system. These products and CleanAIR’s engineering expertise have seen especially strong use in retrofitting engine-powered generators, and they have application in diverse industries.

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Cat Celebrates 25 Years of Certified Rebuilds

The major structures and components of a Cat machine are designed to maintain their fundamental integrity throughout a lifetime of service, allowing the machine to be rebuilt, economically, under the strict guidelines of the CCR Program.

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