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Employment at Holt of California

Holt of California is proud to be part of the elite group of Caterpillar dealers worldwide. The "Caterpillar" name originated in 1904 by inventor Benjamin Holt in Stockton, CA. Today, Caterpillar Inc. is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois and is a Fortune 100 Company. With 16 locations throughout California, we provide jobs for over 650 employees working to bring equipment solutions for the diverse needs of our customers.

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We sell and service a wide-variety of equipment including: Large and Small Construction Tractors, Agricultural Equipment, Forklifts, Racking Systems, Telescopic Handlers, Prime and Stand-by-Power Generation, UPS Systems and On-Highway Truck Engines. In addition, we rent Caterpillar and Other Preferred Manufacturer Equipment for Contractors.

For over 85 years we have partnered with our customers bringing equipment solutions and the best product support in the industry. Holt of California has earned its reputation as a leader. Our employees are the heart and soul of our business. Their dedication and high level of commitment to exceed the customers' expectations will bring Holt of California the distinction of being the top equipment supplier in our territory.