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PointGuard is a safe source for information related to diesel or natural gas power generation systems. With it, you're in control of your equipment, no matter where it is - next door or halfway around the world. You can access reports, monitor status and more when you login to PointGuard's Web center.

PointGuard provides remote monitoring and equipment management for power generation systems. Monitoring hardware, communications technologies and web-based software are integrated into one system to connect you to your equipment. Housed at a central hosting facility and staffed by trained personnel 24/7/365, PointGuard provides remote monitoring and control, data management, alarm notification, system test/run, and reporting as well as many other services. Additional services of PointGuard manage risk, reduce costs and offer competitive advantages.

Standard Services

PointGuard's Standard Service package provides you with the services you need to get started with monitoring and managing your power generation equipment. A solid foundation of software, databases and communications brings all these features into one ideal package. PointGuard's standard service package acts as your eyes and ears onsite, manages your data, automatically notifies you in the event of an alarm and sends reports to help you do your job.

Standard Features include:
• 24/7/365 alarm monitoring
• Automated alarm notification
• Data gathering and management
• Asset and site displays available via the Web center
• Standard reports, such as alarm history or site run, are available via PointGuard's Web center or email

Optional Services provided by PointGuard include:
• Coordinator-provided
• On-Demand Control
• Web Center Control
• Incident Manager
• Graphical Site Interface (GSI)
• Advanced Reports
• Trending Report
• NFPA 110 Load Test Report
• Premium Alarm Response
• Advanced Tools
• GPS Mapping
• Rental Management
• Fault Codes
• Daily, Weekly & Monthly Summary Reports
• Data Spreadsheet Report

PointGuard services a diverse group of clients, ranging from shopping malls, hospitals and festivals to remote pipelines. This is because no other system offers such control and as many options. Whatever you may need for monitoring and managing equipment, PointGuard is the solution for you. Offered only by Caterpillar dealers, let Holt of California show you what PointGuard can do for you.